ML: things i want to do again.

I came across Mighty Girl’s Mighty List a few years ago, and it really spoke to me.  Life is short, and I’ve had far too many reminders in life that I need to get busy.  But it’s still sometimes hard to harness the focus/motivation to do things.  Fear gets in the way, or we just don’t understand what we need to do.  Or something.

In any case, Maggie’s list inspired me.  But I decided pretty quickly that it wasn’t enough for me.  As I made my own list, I realized there were things I wanted to remember to do again and again.  It wasn’t about just one time.  It was about things I repeatedly do and making my life better every day by embracing joy.  And then, I also found I needed a way to take credit for what I’ve done.  Mostly because one of my things is being too hard on myself…being a perfectionist.  I sometimes discount my accomplishments.  I wanted a place where I could inspire others, but also be held accountable for my life.  So, I started sharing my version of the Mighty List on my blog.  I started writing about those experiences.  It was tremendously rewarding.  But I felt like I needed a more comprehensive blog and started designing a new one, to house everything–including my Mighty List entries.  Unfortunately, it took a long time…still going…so I set-up this blog as a temporary space and never incorporated my Mighty List.

Welp.  Since I still haven’t finished my “real site”–and may never–things are gonna change around here.

There are three sections for my Mighty List: Things I’ve Done; Things I Want to Do Again; and Things I Still Need to Tackle.  I’ll be writing about them periodically and posting old pieces I’ve written as time allows.  Think of it as a life time capsule.

Edit: This hasn’t been updated in at least four years. I’ll try to get on that someday.

2020 Alma


  • Completed a 5 day juice cleanse (with 5 days of bland eating prior to that).
  • Ate and enjoyed tempeh.
  • Was vegan for a day.
  • Tried acupuncture.
  • Had a just made Krispy Kreme doughnut.
  • Play dodgeball.
  • Tell someone I love them and absolutely mean it.
  • Research my family tree, with the help of my surviving family members.
  • Learn how to swim better.
  • Be a force of nature.
  • Be grateful for everything and every person in my life.
  • Be proud, but not so proud that I fail to be humble.
  • Teach elementary age children, but not necessarily in a traditional setting.
  • Run a marathon.
  • Climb fourteeners.
  • Skydive.
  • Bungee jump from Royal Gorge.
  • Do a massive cross-country roadtrip–this time, completely by myself.
  • Visit New Zealand.
  • Run every day.
  • Get into the best physical condition of my life by being active every day, doing what I love, and eating food that is both nourishing and exciting.
  • Make new friends who are different from me and challenge my perspectives.
  • Revisit all the places I’ve been–and take more pictures.
  • Take the person I love on a tour of my old neighborhood and kiss him at Huston Park.
  • Bake bread on Sunday mornings and do it with people I love–especially little ones.
  • Cook regularly with someone whose company I enjoy
  • Be with someone I crave and indulge those passions fully.
  • Camp regularly.
  • Go see live music regularly.
  • Write poems regularly.
  • Re-read the books that inspired me and find at least an hour a day to explore new ones.
  • Get back into tennis and volleyball.
  • Spend more time in movie theatres, by myself.
  • Walk everywhere.
  • Spend more time in my old neighborhood.
  • Eat more Chubby’s.
  • Indulge in more mini-adventure roadtrips.
  • Buy a new-to-me car…and take care of it…but don’t use it too much.
  • Collect more doodads and seashells.
  • Create more jewelry and wearable art.
  • Do a juice fast.
  • Share my parents with others on a regular basis.
  • Do another meditation retreat.
  • Participate in NaPlaWrimo.
  • Spoil my pets.
  • Entertain regularly (host dinner parties and other exciting events).
  • Read voraciously.
  • Find free events to enjoy.
  • Only eat out when it’s a special occasion or really, really worth it.
  • Drink tea every night.
  • Connect to beautiful places.

  • Create new memories to replace the shitty ones.
  • Save for a rainy day.
  • Be financially strong.
  • Love a child that is mine…or not mine.
  • Buy flowers regularly.
  • Do things that scare me, consciously.
  • Talk to more strangers.
  • Create the things I want/need when they don’t already exist.
  • Learn more about Web design.
  • Visit the library.
  • Read to kids.
  • Perform acts of random kindness.
  • Focus.
  • Use my time wisely.
  • Be a meaningful part of everything I’m involved in.
  • Attend more workshops.
  • Be more involved in my motherless daughters group and find more motherless daughters to share this with.
  • Live in a place that has a booknook and windowboxes.
  • Write letters to the people I love on a regular basis.
  • Zipline through a forest.
  • Teach myself to knit and crochet again and then do something with it.
  • Make snowflakes at Christmas and homemade Valentines and give them away to strangers.
  • Own fish.
  • Travel by train.
  • Drive really, really fast and not crash.
  • Go tubing and rafting on a regular basis.
  • Go sailing.
  • Mentor a young girl.

  • Visit the Redwoods.
  • Squish my toes in sand regularly.
  • Discover new artists (writers/chefs/musicians/etc) to savor.
  • Find more things to do with wonton wrappers.
  • See a psychic.
  • Paint a mural in my home.
  • Be an expert parallel parker, like I used to be.
  • Fight without getting defensive.
  • Give someone hope.
  • Participate in group dance events.
  • Write reviews of things I experienced.
  • Build a snowman and have a snowball fight.
  • Make a monthly playlist.
  • Reignite my tradition of cake for my birthday.
  • Investigate art therapy techniques for personal use.
  • Visited Jackson Hole, WY.

  • Visited Yellowstone.
  • Saw Ari Hest in concert.

3 thoughts on “ML: things i want to do again.

  1. Are you sure you’ve done all of these once already? I know it might sound strange to ask…but I wasn’t sure if these were all things you’ve already done or if this list included things you wanted to do more than once but never before.

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