the view from here, volume 1

So, there have been a few things that–in the past–have helped me feel more connected to myself and other humans.  One of those things is writing.  Photography is another thing.  And a regular gratitude practice is yet one more.  I’ve been having some rough days, lately, and honestly, it’s grinding on my spirit.  I need reminders of why I’m in this–why I keep going–and that the world is still pretty awesome and beautiful.  So–to that end–I’m going to challenge myself to create little time capsules of my week every Friday (or possibly Saturday, *wink*).



This tree was on our street for several days. For whatever reason, it made me smile every time I drove past it.  I kinda wanted to put it in the ground and see if it would survive.


So much of my adapting to San Jose, lately, has been embracing the small beauties here that remind me of home.


I spend way too much time at this Starbucks drive-thru.  It’s nice when the sky decides to smile at you.


Rilly and I have had a difficult relationship from the very beginning.  At one point, I made it my mission to get this little to love me.  And I succeeded.  Buddy sleeps on top of me every single night.  His illness a year ago seemed to mark a major milestone.  He’s still crazy, curmudgeonly, and aggressive as balls. But I love this man.

lake tj

We had really heavy rain earlier this week.  This turn lane was basically a lake. It’s hard to see in the photo, but the car in front of me is in about a foot of water. The lane next to us was full of much deeper spill-off.


Always Foo. ❤

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