a good weekend

I’m still not feeling like writing, so follow me on Twitter (@midairalmacita) if you want to hear about the random parts of my life.  I am pretty active on there and actually interact, so go find me.

This weekend was pretty fantastic, for lots of great reasons–but mostly because it was full of those small little parts of being human that I live for.  I often write about these things, and it’s really–for me–the best part of living.  A lot of that was because I had the type of weekend I’ve always envisioned having when I thought about moving here.  Having access to a car, and going stir crazy, allowed me to finally stop hermitting.  A comedy of errors ensued, and I’m pretty sure I made a lot of people laugh this weekend.

I proved a lot to myself this weekend.  That I know what my heart needs.  That I’m capable of going out and getting it.  That there are obstacles, always, but for me–life is also always an adventure.  I laugh and curse, but I never fucking give up.  I also am still capable of meeting life with an open heart–if I just keep trying to show up for myself and others.  And the shit that’s still in my heart is going to be there.  But instead of dishonoring those parts of me, meeting them with gratitude and knowing my worth–even if I’m not totally convinced–goes a long way to healing it…or making the shit matter less.

It’s nice to know my heart is still very pure in the ways that count–and that some people even value it.


The Soup Lady


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