spark joy

My roommates are going out of town for two whole weeks starting Monday night, so it’ll give me an opportunity to really finally unpack and organize.  My plan is to do at least an hour of home stuff each night with more on the weekends.

My first priority is to just get rid of the obvious shit and separate my stuff from my roommates and the shared items.  When we moved, it was a bit of a chaotic thing, and towards the end, my roommate just started throwing shit in boxes.  The problem with that is a lot of stuff we didn’t want came with us and was not at all organized, so unpacking has been horrible.  He also got rid of stuff I never would have wanted tossed–including family heirlooms, so I’m still a little upset about that.

So, the first goal is just to figure out what we have and get rid of all the shit we definitely don’t want or need.  From there, I’m planning on using the Marie Kondo method for purging because we have too much stuff.  It’s ridiculous.  I’m just going to do a quick version of it, with obvious things–enough to whittle it down.  But at some point, I plan to do it all–pretty in-depth–especially the kitchen.  But that means working with my roommates to get their shit out.  Once everything is either staying or going, we can get the appropriate containers for them, so everything has a home.  Then we can finally buy furniture for my room and the living room and start decorating–so this place feels more like an actual home.  But the big goal over the next 2 weeks is to just get rid of the damn cardboard.


One of the difficulties I’ve had with the Kondo method has involved everyday routine items I need.  I mean–my vacuum does spark joy for me because I’m a weirdo.  But most utilitarian items don’t.  Some stuff? I just need. And there is no joy.  But I started thinking more about it, and all of this is just about mindfulness.  So, maybe joy isn’t the feeling I’m wanting here.  Maybe it’s contentment or satisfaction for those items.  Does this thing fill my needs?  Is it the very best at filling that need?  Does it improve my life in some way?

This is going to help me so much with that–because I have a lot of shit that isn’t so joyful–but fills my needs.  For me, I’m not going to toss out tons of shampoo because it doesn’t fulfill these concepts.  And it’s hard to donate such items.  So, they’ll be pushed to B status and stored until I can use them up.  Such is the price of choosing excess.  Once it’s time to replace, I will mindfully seek out what sparks joy and is the very best at fulfilling that need.

Mindfulness is pretty awesome, and I’m just so excited to finally tackle this project.

Tomorrow, I’m planning on doing some inner work on career stuff.  Maybe I’ll apply the concept of sparkjoy to it.


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