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It’s late. I’m full of something. It’s the 4th of July.  It’s been kind of a rough night.  Nothing in particular.  Just you know–the usual.  It’s been a bit sad and serious around these parts, and that may continue (who knows?), so I’m going to share a recent Twitter share and some music and answer some questions before I curl up with my heating pad and my sugar kitty.

This just happened, and of course I posted it to Twitter.  Here it is–unedited.

oh my god. finally done cleaning. 2 am. so, i took out the cat trash. wearing bed clothes (tank, running shorts), hair piled up. looking like a garage pail kid, essentially.

and this tech bro is coming home from somewhere. an adjacent neighbor.

in the moonlight, as i pass by, he tells me my chest freckles are like Xanadu to him. #realpickuplinesofthesouthbay

i’m like, “okay.” and throw my trash away and walk as fast as i can back to our door. *_*

why do men always hit on me when i look like crap?

You’re welcome.


This song is currently stuck in my head.


  • What do you currently smell like?
    Soap that smells like milk (only not), blood orange amber hand cream (which I think smells like an orange dreamsicle
  • Are you an animal lover, or would you avoid keeping animals at home?
    Huge animal lover.  I don’t think I could live without a pet.  Seriously.  I have three cats.  They’re tons of work, especially with one that’s chronically ill, but they bring so much joy and unconditional love.  I cherish every minute I have with them.
  • Do you like summer or winter?
    Autumn, followed by spring. Screw all other seasons.
  • Would you diet or would you work out?
    I don’t like this question.  It needs context.  If I want to lose weight, both are necessary with diet probably being more important.  Exercise is good for all sorts of things.
  • What do you wear to bed?
    Honestly, usually nothing.  If I do wear something, it’s probably a tank and running shorts or a tank and underwear.
  • What’s your favorite clothing brand?
  • When was the last time you cried?
    Around 8 pm earlier tonight.
  • Which color reflects your personality and why?
    Blue.  It’s a little on the reserved side, slightly melancholy, loyal, and reminiscent of sky and ocean.
  • In the animal kingdom, which animal would you be?
    Oddly enough, as a Leo, the lion actually very much fits me.
  • Do you like tattoos and body piercings?
    Tattoos, yes–if done well.  I’m not into body piercings, but to each their own.
  • How much PDA is acceptable?
    I’m pretty subtle about such things usually.  I’ll hold a hand or be touchy feely in a non-sexual way.  Unless we’re making out in a park or something.  I do have a bit of an exhibitionist streak in some respects, but I’m mostly very sensitive to time and place.
  • How often do you take a shower?
    I’m not a huge shower person.  I bathe daily.
  • What are your favorite magazines?
    Oh, wow.  It’s been a while.  I used to love Real Simple & InStyle.  No time anymore, and they pile up.
  • What are your favorite books?
    Anything Paul Auster, but especially Moon Palace. Jack Gilbert’s The Great Fires.  Martin McDonagh.
  • What’s your favorite movie?
    The Shawshank Redemption
  • What’s your favorite music you’re listening to these days?
    Really digging the new Roger Clyne.  Their best in a while.  Ryan Adams, as usual.
  • What’s your favorite alcoholic drink?
    Pimm’s cup
  • What’s your favorite vacation idea?
    I’d love to drive up the West coast from San Diego to Vancouver and then go to Alaska for a while.
  • What’s your favorite food?
    Really loving Mediterranean foods lately.  Like tabbouleh and rice with grilled veggies and raita and beautiful pitas.  But I still adore enchiladas–lately those made with red sauce and onion with potatoes.  And soup, of course.  Tacos or tostadas, too.  And avocado toast on an English muffin with Tapatio and cilantro and lime and thinly sliced bell peppers.  I’m such a veggie slut lately.
  • Who’s your favorite actor?
    Don Cheadle
  • If you found a briefcase of money on the street, would you keep it?
    I would make an effort to find it and wait a certain amount of time.  Then use it to help people in the area where I found it.
  • Are you religious?
    Not exactly.  I mean–I’m a Buddhist, but only because it found me.  Religion is fascinating to me because I’m fascinated with people and their beliefs, in general.  But I was just living my life and trying to figure it out when several people mentioned I said something very Buddhist–and it was just my thoughts.  So, I thought–hmm–maybe this is worth looking at.  I have so much to learn, but what I have learned has brought me a lot of comfort.
  • Are you a gizmo person?
    I’m not opposed to gizmos, but I’m not like my roommate who has to have the latest whatever.  I’m curious about things, but I am loathe to buy something if what I’m using works just as well.
  • What kind of sports do you like?
    Men’s swimming. 🙂  I like to play sports–not watch them. Except for gymnastics or figure skating.
  • Clubbing or candlelight dinner?
    Picnic by some water, sunset, no people around.
  • Earth Hour or Fourth of July fireworks?
    Fireworks. But not the shitty kinds and not in backyards.
  • Backpacking or a luxury hotel?
    Airstream or an AirBnB.
  • Christmas or Halloween?
    Halloween, formerly Christmas–though we have a truce happening.
  • Are you a morning person?
    GOD NO. Even as a wee, sweet child. I was known to slam doors upon waking and cursed out the sun.
  • What’s your philosophy in life?
    I’m a big seeker.  I believe in being curious about life and trying to understand.  I wear my heart on my sleeve and really try to be vulnerable all the time.
  • When was the last time you were happy you lied?
    I don’t remember. But probably something related to work.  I don’t really lie otherwise.
  • What comes to your mind when you think of your exes?
  • Are you an introvert or an extrovert?
    Introvert, but I wear the extrovert hat well.
  • What’s your idea of romance?
    That’s very specific to the relationship itself, but for me it’s just time and attention.  Noticing details and showing up when it’s not necessary.
  • Would you like to live in the countryside or in a metropolitan area?
    I’m a city girl, but I could be persuaded to live on the coast or in a small town.  Just no suburbs.
  • When did you lose your virginity?
    None of your business.  🙂
  • What’s your favorite body part of the opposite sex?
    I like hands a lot, but there are other parts, too.  It depends on the person.  🙂
  • What’s the wildest thing you’ve done sexually?
    It involves exhibitionism. That’s all you’ll get from me.
  • Do you think money can buy happiness?
    God no.
  • The world would be a better place if…?
    People worried more about being good human themselves instead of controlling other people’s choices.
  • Do you have any social causes that are close to your heart?
    Heart disease, poverty alleviation, education, mental health/health, in general
  • What do you do over the weekends?
    Rest from the goddamn week.  And cook.
  • Would you mind if your SO had a best friend of the opposite sex?
    Depends on the context and who the girl was.  Generally, no issues with it.
  • Which was the worst phase in your life?
    Mid to late 20s, though 6-18 was no picnic.
  • What was the happiest moment in your life?
    I haven’t had a happiest moment.
  • Do you judge a book by its cover?
    Absolutely. Bad cover art and font choice says a lot about content.
  • What’s your political stance?
    I agreed with Bernie on 99% of his platform. No, really.
  • Do you watch porn and what’s your view on it?
    Not really.  I’ve no issue with it. It can be interesting at times, with sound off.
  • Do you believe in karma?
    Yes.  Or rather–I hope karma exists.
  • Do you plan your life or live for the moment?
    I try to plan and then throw away most of the plans.
  • Do you think life is fair?
    No.  Heartbreakingly unfair, most of the time.
  • If you were marooned on an island, what are the five things you would take with you?
    Water filtration system or tablets.  A pot.  A knife. Journal & pen.
  • Would you sulk or would you confront?
    Sulk for a short while, then confront.
  • Are you addicted to anything?
    Sugar.  Caffeine.  Bubbly drinks.  Jasmine tea. Murder shows.
  • Any current news that’s caught your attention?
    I avoid news these days.
  • What are your favorite apps that you use often?
    Buddhify, Notes, Prisma, IG, Overcast, Walking Dead No Man’s Land, Pinterest
  • Are you an optimist or a pessimist?
    Moody optimist
  • What do you have for breakfast?
    Lately, it’s been avocado toast.  Sometimes, a protein shake or plain vanilla yogurt (Brown Cow).  Or leftovers. Or cottage cheese & fruit.
  • How often do you make your bed?
    Never. No one sees my bed, and I’m always wrapped in blankets while working from it.
  • If you knew you were right, would you take a stand even if you know you would make a scene in public or would you let it go?
    Depends. All about context, yea?  But, generally, I take stands.
  • What’s an absolute no-no in a relationship?
    Not being present or truthful. Disloyalty.

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