today’s grace, 6/27/17

Hi, friends.  Long, busy day.  Busy is good, sometimes, yea?  Anyway, here’s today’s gratitude list.  Hope you had a beautiful one.

Today, I’m grateful for…

  • Avocado toasts.
  • Perfectly ripe avocados.
  • Perfectly crispy toasted English muffins.
  • The good salt.
  • Tapatio.
  • Herbaceous goodness.
  • Grapefruit cola (say what).
  • Cream top vanilla yogurt.
  • Sweet singing Rilly.
  • Foggy ate all by herself, no force-feeding required.
  • Music.  Here are a few favorites. (I don’t really use Spotify as I should.  Have recommendations for alternatives?  I have a massive collection).
  • Reminders that my heart isn’t as broken as it used to be.
  • All the broken pieces and the lessons they bring.
  • Long naps after work.
  • Bed dancing.
  • Happy doggy sounds.
  • Books.  (This will be a recurring theme).
  • Fuzzy kitty belly.
  • Warrior pose.
  • Pilates giddiness.
  • Brian Karem
  • Joel Leon
  • Delayed bullshit.
  • Anger
  • Grief
  • Convos about trauma.
  • Colleagues in the UK and Poland who don’t know about American things and the convos that ensue.
  • This thread.
  • A cat-barf-free day.
  • Really great team calls where we all look like Hell and are all some shade of sick and share healing strategies.
  • Fantastic convos with people who do what I do and time to reflect on what we actually do.
  • Candidate prepping.
  • Finding the exact perfect person for the design job I’ve struggled with this week.
  • And it’s his dream job.
  • New tool discoveries from people I interview.
  • Generous peers who refer wonderful people.
  • Chats with candidates in CO who know about the cherry store.
  • People who reschedule (no, really).
  • Mumfy winks.
  • My giant comfy bed.
  • Ocean-y blues.
  • Currant candles.
  • New friends.

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