uncool, Universe. uncool.

I broke down and ordered Postmates because it was late, and I needed tacos to live.  So, it was actually a good experience for once.  Except for one thing.

I noticed, when the driver was assigned, that he looked exactly like my ex. And worse, he had my ex’s formal name. Then, the guy called to ask me where to park and for general directions.  He called himself by the exact nickname my ex went by–which is common for that formal name–but still.  He was Southern–thankfully–but still.

So, he gets here–he’s wearing something my ex would wear and is basically his exact height and body type.  And he even does the little chuckle my ex did.  Like doppelganger city.

I was grateful I had just washed my face and looked like hell with my hair on my head because I do not need more of that in my life, and CLEARLY, this is a test.  CLEARLY.


Okay–fine–I flirted–but can you blame me?  I was with that guy for years and it’s hard to turn off, man.

Yea–he totally liked me, too.


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