30 day music challenge – day 7

Day 7.  Song for a drive.

I must preface this by saying that I will drive to basically any music–except for Rodrigo y Gabriela because their music was playing literally every time I had a near death driving experience–to the point that I am now superstitious.

My current favorite road song:

Oh, and I should probably clear up something from that last post…

About the flirting thing–because I am already getting comments from the peanut gallery…

It is true.  If I ever decide to pursue something with someone, it usually happens.  But not because I’m a player.  This has been very rare.  And maybe they chased me first, in roundabout ways.  But I guess a woman who knows what she wants is sexy?  Who knew?

More often than not, I’m the awkward girl–ahem–woman who has no idea the guy likes her until he professes love or something.

I have been accused of being a slut though–because I think sex and attraction is complicated and shouldn’t have hard and fast rules attached–like that whole no sex on the first date nonsense.  Life is short and not one size fits all.  I’m a human being capable of dealing with the nuances of such interactions.  But this might be why I abandoned OkStupid, even though I am indeed looking and often lonely.

So, um, yea.  Felt the need to clarify.  ❤


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