this is what dry socket looks like

I debated about whether I should share this or not, but I decided to share it here–no where else–because it could actually help someone.  When I was in the gray area of not knowing what was happening with my mouth, I searched high and low on the Internet for photos of non-infected dry sockets–because everything I found was infected and didn’t look like my situation.  Had I seen a photo like the one I’m about to share, I would have high-tailed it back to the oral surgeon’s office.

So, without further ado, here’s my dry socket.  But first my face and how it looked most of this weekend.  The 2nd photo is showing it in all its glory, so go away if you’re squeamish.  (It’s not that bad.  You can’t even see my jaw bone in this photo).


Wisdom tooth, post-op day 12. Dry socket, day 9.

Please note–that’s pepper on my tooth–not a cavity.  Top tooth has a silver filling.  The purple capillary-like things?  A leftover bruise.  My face never bruised, but the inside of my mouth sure as Hell did.  The two white dots about the socket are remnants of the stitch that fell out on Saturday.  I have most of my stitches.  I had to hold out my cheek to get this shot, which isn’t easy.  That puffy area near the back-most molar normally flaps over the hole, somewhat.  The hole has gotten bigger since Saturday–which is–yes–disturbing.  I took this photo to make sure my socket was clean after eating some dinner and then decided to share.  Lucky you!


If you are suffering from this shit now and have any questions, feel free to say hi and ask away.  ❤


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