no titles required.

Hi, friends.  I’m alive. I swear I’m alive.  But it has not been a fun time.

I have things to share–lots, actually–but haven’t felt up to it.  I’ve had a really hard time thinking and focusing–even speaking–because my mouth is still pretty sore and I’ve had massive migraines since the dry socket showed up.  Some days are better than others, but my Google fu found that most people with this shit–who are over the really bad pain part–find this harder than maybe that other part–because it’s just really uncomfortable.  Like not in the lightning bolt way–but in the persistent, never ending aching.  And mine goes all down that evil nerve into my shoulders even.

Add to that, last night, my body started hating big time on ibuprofen. It just stopped helping the migraines altogether, and worse–my stomach and liver said eff you.  Right now, only Vicodin works on the migraines.  I’ve been trying not to take the Vicodin–and haven’t for a few days now–but took some tonight–hence why I can actually look at a screen and type.  But, needless to say, no more Ibuprofen for me–and lots of liver support and holistic herbs for the rest.  Also, since my liver is pissed off–my allergies are again out of control and that’s causing more bullshit pain.

Also having a giant hole in your mouth and having all the foods get stuck in there and being able to SEE your jaw bone is not a fun experience.  Just sayin’.  I’m over it and can’t wait till those buggers fill in.

Let’s just say–working for the last week has not been fun.  Not that work right now is even close to fun for other reasons–but I’ll spare you.

I have some things to share–like a big revelation (a couple) from therapy…plans to self-therapize while my therapist is on sabbatical till mid-July, and some observations about life and friendships gleaned from traumatic events.  Yay.

But not today.

Today, I’m asking you to go to Instagram.  Search for wallpaper (Ricky Reed) and watch the instastories he posted last night & today of his baby girl listening to music.  It’s giving me life on a pretty crappy day.  I love her.  That’s all.  I’ll say hi later when I don’t feel like death warmed over.


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