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Feeling pretty good this morning. Fever is gone. Still having a tiny bit of ear pain and migraines, but most of the pain is just soreness at the incision sites. My jaw feels much better today. I am having a lot of post-nasal drip and am having to clear my throat a lot today, but I think that’s because I still had a lingering sinus infection and the antibiotics are finally kicking it to the curb. I can’t talk for more than 20 minutes without losing my voice a little, so it’s good thing I’m not working till tomorrow afternoon.

My face never really swelled up that much and looks normal to me today. My tongue did swell up quite a bit, but it’s back to almost normal. There was a lot of bleeding on day 1, but there was just a tiny bit of oozing blood yesterday. That’s basically gone. I’m not in too much pain. I didn’t even bother taking ibuprofen last night. I did take some this morning. There was a worry that the new filling I had (that gave me SO MANY problems over the last few weeks–in the adjacent tooth) would be damaged and I’d have to have a 3rd replacement put in–which might mean a root canal. But it seems to have survived okay. At least, none of my pain is coming from there. The amazing dentist who knew I was having this done–and who fixed my first dentist’s work–was key in that she gave him lots of room so it wouldn’t be an issue. So thankful for that because that was an ordeal to deal with, truly, and I’m looking forward to no more dental work for a while…fingers crossed.

I’ve been eating softer foods, but I never actually felt that restricted. I’ve tried to eat a lot of healthy fats and lean proteins with every meal. I had a chunked up apple yesterday with no issues. I’m craving water and really whole foods, so the processed “soft”/processed foods are getting a bit boring. I’m gonna hit up Whole Foods to see if I can find some tasty, healthier replacements and will probably donate the processed stuff to a local food pantry.

*TMI warning*
I noticed some loose skin “flaps” after my surgery on Tuesday, but thought that was just remnants of the upper molar. It was pretty puffy back there, and my tongue was too big to really investigate yesterday. But I could feel this extra tissue there. I was a little too afraid to look around with my tongue and worried I’d mess stuff up, so I just left it alone–but kept worrying about it. I brushed my teeth and did my rinses this morning–and finally saw what it was! It’s not a flap at all. It was my cheek–just all puffed up. They must’ve cut it–I never saw or felt that…and am amazed they even had time to do that–to get better access to the upper tooth. In any case, it must’ve gotten puffy right away because what I was feeling was the edges of the incision line. It’s now basically back to normal, so I can actually see and feel the sutures. I can’t tell you how much anxiety those flaps gave me, so knowing it’s just my cheek and knowing it’s flat again makes me way happier. I can be a bit OCD about those types of things, so knowing there isn’t some kind of food catcher in place on that side of my mouth calms me down a lot. Haha.

Thanks to everyone who checked in on me and wished me speedy recovery. I was super scared, and you guys helped a lot. 


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