30 day music challenge, day 1

I really feel like now–more than ever–we need art.  Art being writing, music, and visual stuff.  We’re bombarded with so much bullshit that activates so much other bullshit inside of us.  I know I definitely need things that help me access emotion while also allowing me ways to process it.  That’s what art is to me.  I’ve been wanting to share art on the daily and have–somewhat–but creating can be a cumbersome process–and I’m so burnt out from all the other bullshit that it’s hard to tap into it through all the seething anger.

Anyway, I found this today on Twitter.  If you’ve spent even 2 seconds with me, you know of my undying love of music–so this was basically perfect–especially since I’ve been looking for reasons to write daily.  I’ll do my best to keep up with this.

30 day music


Day 1: The Jayhawks – Blue

Back in the day, when I was a naive mid-20 something, I was engaged to this man who had a twin.  They would always throw these intimate parties–sometimes, they called them creativity parties–and my ex’s brother would create mixed tape CDs for them.  I’ll always remember those nights as full of good people, laughter, and lots of great music.

This song was on one of the CDs–which I actually still have.  Back then, my musical tastes were fairly sheltered and limited to a bevy of female artists and geeky hood stuff.  This inspired a big-time love of The Jayhawks, but also a fairly significant exploration of alt-country, which got me big into indie–which is basically my favorite now.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve played that CD on roadtrips–even when I was limping around after that break-up–the worst I’ve ever had.  It’s the one thing that survived.

I will always love this song, and it will always remind me of a beautiful time in my life before my entire world fell apart.


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