about a week

So, as it turns out, I’m one of the people who have adverse reactions to certain vaccines.  Imagine that.  Actually, I remember this happening as a kid.  In any case, my weekend was basically spent sleeping and feeling like I got a bad case of the flu.  Today, I woke up with nausea too.  And I’m still fighting off that sinus infection, so my nose is running.  And now, I have cramps.  The fun never ends.

But my teeth seem okay today. Or maybe it’s the wretched leg cramps, fever, and migraine distracting me.  I realized today that I’m a bit pissed off about how that vaccination was handled.  See…thing was–they stuck the needle in my arm before telling me I needed a vaccination update, and they never did ask–which would have been silly at that point since the needle was in my arm.  I don’t know.  Feel a little violated by that.  I get that vaccinating may not be a welcome thing with some hippies out here–and maybe they thought I was a hippie since I have anxiety–woo!  But sticking a needle in someone’s arm without consent is kind of a bunch of bullshit.

It took me a minute to process that because I was so traumatized by the talking in-depth about dead parents thing.  But now I’m thinking maybe I’ll see another doctor in the practice–my first choice–which they rescheduled twice.


Last night, I also came to this realization that my wisdom tooth extraction is happening a week from Tuesday.


I mean–I knew it wasn’t that far away–but it felt far enough away to not be scary.  And when I scheduled it, I was just in the first part of the owee tooth hell I went through with the filling mess.  I’m just now not in pain and I’m going to thrown back into it soon.  I’m pretty nervous.  The whole filling ordeal activated some dental anxiety I’ve never had.  Mostly because I never really had dental pain before.  I’m also wondering when I’ll be able to eat normally.  If I’m going to have a hole in my sinus cavity.  If I’ll have nerve damage that will cause me not to feel my face.  (I like feeling my face).  If my insurance will pay up.  If I’ll be cognizant enough to give Fogg her injections–and if not–if I trust my roommate to do it.  If I’ll say mean, insulting things to people or go on social, high as a kite–or email exes.  (GOD, no).  Shit like that.

I’m getting laughing gas and local, mostly because I wanted to minimize the length of my being out of it.  I’m planning on prepping Fogg’s insulin for the day in the morning, so–if my roommate has to do it–he won’t have to deal with measuring or risk contaminating the entire bottle.  The only thing he’d have to do is inject her–which is pretty hard because she has a ton of hair and hates the injections.  So, we’ll see how that goes.

I’ve had laughing gas before.  I know, as a kid, I always got it when I had fillings done.  I think I was normal after–but who knows?  I’ve seen some crazy YouTube videos, and I’m kinda like that when I’m extremely tired.  I don’t even know why I’m so anxious about it.  I mean–I handled emergency surgery just fine–and everyone said I was the best patient and super charming–but maybe they were lying because they knew I’d feel bad because I said something horrible or cursed a lot or something.

Why do I even care?  I mean–it’s not like I’ll see these people daily or something.  And I will be high as a kite, so give me a break, yea?

This is totally my inner scientist wanting to control everything, but also being fascinated by the procedure…and the artist pouting about having to eat mushy food and not being able to eat tacos for a month.

At least I get about a week off.  That’s something to look forward to, right?  Well, except the new client may launch and I’ll be coming back to 2 million emails during said launch.  Ugh.  Why do teeth have to crack?


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