So, I was messing around on Instagram earlier and saw Busy Philipps insta-story about FaceApp and how she looked like her ex boyfriend in the male version of her.

Of course I had to try this out myself.  (And yes–I know about the scandal about the app–which is really unfortunate.  I never saw that option, so can’t comment on it, but that sucks if it’s true).

Anyway, I needed a laugh today, and this delivered.

Here’s mine.


The top one is me looking a lot like one of my cousins–but how I normally look these days.  My hair looks a little darker than normal due to bad lighting.  The bottom left one is young me–which looks nothing like young me.  The bottom right is me as an older woman–which reminds me a bit of a Babooshka–and totally fits, btw, given my Russian heritage.  But that top right one?  Man, that’s gold.  I totally look like George W. Bush mixed with my ex-fiance!  (My ex looks nothing like W, btw, but it’s all in the squint and the expression).  It’s so funny because I loathed W for years and years and years.  But I actually can kind of see how the male version of me would look like him.  Heheh.

This, by the way, is what I looked like as a child.



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