I have tried to write and then decided not to.  Even did some and then didn’t post it.  Because there was anger. Because I don’t share shit I’m still raw about.  So, I didn’t.

A summary:

Men suck.  Other men (who don’t exactly suck) don’t get anything about what it’s like to be a single female.  My face fucking hurts.  They have to fix it, but it’ll be mid-May.  Oh, and I’m getting my wisdom teeth yanked on May 9th.  Then I’m getting the rest re-fixed on the 15th.  Should be a fun May.  Work sucks, but there’s hope.  Lots of therapy revelations.  LIKE WHOA.  And I’m not writing about it, for now.

And this, which I was reminded of yesterday, is quite relevant:

Pray the nerves in my face die or something.  That would be rad.



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