one more soapbox

A few thoughts…and then I’m done talking about this for a while.

If this many Americans endorsed that guy, we absolutely deserve what’s coming. Our children don’t.  The world doesn’t.

I’m an optimist. Dyed in the wool. I’ve seen all kinds of things. Still an optimist. Because of the bad things.

But, as someone who grew up in poverty, with all the isms all around me, this IS the America I grew up with. The one I know all too intimately. The one that is perpetually getting in its own way. The one with oh-so-much to learn about what it means to be human. The toddler, shitting in its milk. It’s the America that most of white and/or liberal America has ignored. Because it could.

But–here’s the thing. If someone craps in your milk, whether you taste it or not, it’s still shit. And eventually, it’s all you have left.

We knew. We all knew. We always knew. We knew who that man was and what was behind it. That unmistakable knowledge that this is evil, and this will hurt more people than it will help. And yet people did what they’ve always done.

Where have we been–for all these years–while injustice was right in front of us? Why have we not been screaming in the streets? Why are we witnessing things instead of stopping them? Why do we check in instead of actually standing with people and risking something?

Maybe we need to have our collective faces smashed to the wall before we, as people, get it.

This election was never going to be some easy thing. And I winced as some of you gloated. Me? I knew I’d cry either way. That noble America so many of you believe existed five hours ago? I hate to break it to you–but it never existed. Maybe now it can.

Fight like Hell for those children. They deserve better than us.


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