hold me back

I’ve really, really tried not to get pissy and post a rant here about the election.  Because it is ALL so rant-worthy and fucking retarded.  And I feared that–if I started–I would never shut up.  And I’d be one of those people in the ain’t it awful chorus who I just want to shake and yell, “STFU!” at.

But I’m done holding back. I’m done tolerating intolerance.  And I’m just going to let it all rip.  I’m hoping I don’t have to do this again–because people will suddenly not suck–but who are we kidding?  I will try my best to be civil.  No guarantees.  Lots of bullet points, though.

  • To the people who started the hashtag, #ElectionFinalThoughts–there is *nothing* final about this election.  Bigotry, misogyny, classism, and homophobia are nothing new, and thanks to Trump and his supporters, they will never be a thing of the past.  We’ve had more than enough reminders that our country is a fucked up mess (hello–cops murdering our citizens–one just this week).  But the legitimization, and mainstreaming of hate, where it was once stigmatized and shamefully embraced, will haunt our country for at least the rest of my life.  It will never be over.  If Hillary is elected, we will then get to endure the illegitimacy argument over our systems at large–based on the bullshit of a man who basically has admitted to intimidating and buying votes.  Even if Trump quietly disappears (AND hahaahhaah…yea…right)…we now have KKK members openly running for office and a country that has never been more divided.  So, nope…this will never ever be over.  Way to minimize the harm this bullshit fest has inflicted on this country, though.
  • To the election officials who I personally experienced making registering to vote an absolute ordeal–try actually helping and not passing the damn buck.  As a white woman living in one of the most wealthy parts of this country, I had to deal with weeks of uncertainty all because you claimed you never received a signature card.  I have voted since I could vote and never had any issues in my home state.  But, here, I literally had to go to the election commission office and vote provisionally (and was still told I’d need to register again when I went to the DMV for a new license).  WTF is that about?  I’m sorry–the mail sucks, too–but no way they lost 5 different voter cards over a month within city limits.  Sorry–I don’t buy that.  At all.  Either you’re criminally negligent or fucking incompetent.  Either way–fix your shit.  You’re disenfranchising tons of voters.  And if I–as a privileged white woman–felt disenfranchised and almost gave up (but didn’t because the 2nd coming of Hitler might get elected)–imagine how someone from another country or an historically devalued group might feel.  Fucking unacceptable.  And I’m sure it’s worse in places where people aren’t educated about voting or where there are assholes intimidating people or purposefully suppressing voters.
  • To the US government–you need to change how people vote.  NOW.  This is absolute insanity and a total disgrace.
  • To “news” organizations–close your damn doors.  Fire everyone and start over.  You are not fit to report.  Find actual citizens with some integrity and hire them.  You cover more Trump rallies than anything else while neglecting to cover Hillary.  You report absolute lies.  You have abandoned your duty to act as a check in our democracy–all in the name of money and greed.  Die in a fire, CNN.
  • To Bernie supporters–if you stand for half of what Bernie stood for, you will find it unconscionable to allow Trump to win.
  • Stein and Johnson are complete idiots.  It’s called doing research.  Stein is not the kumbaya hippie you think she is.  She is bought and paid for.  You are not a fucking martyr.  If you vote for her, you elect Trump and also endorse the very thing you say you’re against.
  • Oh, and btw, your misogyny is showing.  And it’s been showing.  And it’s why Bernie lost.  So, get a handle on that truth now–and try not to be a dick.
  • To those who say she’s just as evil as Trump?  Just shut the fuck up.  You don’t even know evil if you can say that crap.  Talk to some Holocaust survivors.  I have.  And Trump terrifies them.  Stop perpetuating bullshit and swim out of your bucket of overwhelming privilege long enough to realize you have zero idea what evil looks like.  And hacked emails aren’t it.
  • Speaking of which…emails.  1) Um–REALLY?  2) Um–proof?  3) Show me the conviction.  Oh, wait–what?  No conviction because the evidence actually wasn’t so evident?  Bugger off.
  • To those who call her a bitch.  Eff you, misogynist.  And also–maybe we need more bitches in charge.  Maybe we wouldn’t have cops murdering our citizens if a bitch told them to stop and did all those bitchy things like saying no.
  • To those who blame her for our healthcare crap?  It’s called a country where we have routinely abandoned our citizens, at every damn level.  And God forbid some difficult uppity woman step up and try to help people live.  Oh, and the whole gutting of Obamacare had zero to do with Hillary or Barack.  It had everything to do with GOP bullshit.  So thank your elephant asses for creating something no one wanted.
  • To friends who say Hillary’s not a Christian…um..is the Christian way raping children?  Demeaning women?  Calling on hate to marginalize?  Is that your Christian love?  Eff you.
  • To the pro-lifers–um…life in this country means more than having a beating heart.  It means being able to thrive.  A candidate who creates boundaries for existing is not someone who promotes life.  In fact, he’s a death candidate.  So, if you support Trump, you need to face the reality that there is only death and darkness on that road.
  • To those who blame Hillary for the deaths of US soldiers and Blackwater operatives? 1) Those soldiers are not victims.  They volunteered, were well-trained, and chose to die if need be.  To say so is to dishonor their choices.  2) Shitty humans with differing beliefs killed these people through war.  People die in war.  It’s part of what war is.  How do you avoid death?  You don’t do things that inspire war.  You don’t choose war.  Last I checked, as a woman who has never actually been President and is not powerful enough to be Congress all by herself–Hillary never chose war.  That would be a whole chorus of men–mostly white men–who did that.  And the GOP would be the loudest voices in favor of such things, BTW.  She also never created the world, singlehandedly, where people out and out hate Americans.  That would be our government’s choices.  That would be us electing assholes who make those choices and that would also be us embodying those choices every day.  Oh, and HINT: this hate mongering bullshit actually helps people hate us more…so yay, war.  Oh, and also: wouldn’t terrorists be way successful if they decided to hit us now?  So, who is making our country more vulnerable: a hate mongering ninny or a lady who has the guts to tell you this shit sucks?
  • To those who say there are no choices and you never vote anyway…And you wonder how the world got to be like this–and why there are never any choices.  Because people like you sit on their asses and do nothing about things that matter.  But you sure as Hell can grab your phone and run around the city chasing things that don’t exist.
  • To those who say you have no time to vote…you had time to sit in line for hours to get a ticket to a horrible, crap movie.  You sit in line for hours for Black Friday–all to save $5.  You make time when you care.  So, just admit you don’t care.
  • To those who tell me I should tolerate the intolerant and have more empathy for all these people spewing hate and bullshit–NOPE.  Sorry.  I can’t.  Why?  Because I am a woman, the child of a woman who lived her entire life thinking she was less than.  Who died in poverty and died, in large part, because of poverty.  I have choices and a life now because of what she endured.  And there are so many women in my life who fought for happiness.  And because of that, I believe in a just world where everyone can live their lives devoid of bigotry and institutionalized intolerance. So, no–I will not stand by as the people did during the days of Hitler.  I will not stand watch and allow you to demean my fellow human.  I will not tolerate your bullshit.  I live in America.  This is not what we’re about.  And if you think otherwise, move to some other place where this shit is acceptable…and tell me if that’s a good, happy place to be.
  • If you think Trump is smart or wealthy because of any skill–try actually looking at his record of dodging taxes and sinking business deals.  Try looking at actual people with business acumen and comparing him to them.  Pay attention.  I know it’s really hard when you’re an idiot, but maybe try it a few times.
  • And if you are voting for Trump and say you are not an idiot or a racist or et al–then you are more in denial than I thought.  And what kind of self-loathing and damage do you have in your heart if you’re a woman or a member of a protected class supporting this guy?  You do realize, when he sets up the work camps, you will be rounded up, right?  He’s not going to check your vote.  Oh, he could–of course–since he probably bought most of them–but yea–you’re a filthy Mexican to him.
  • You do realize that voting for Trump legitimizes rape as a standard for a woman’s experience.  I know, again, it’s hard to fathom because women put up with so much crap already–but electing Trump sends a message to all men that women and little girls are pussies to fuck and nothing more.  Do you like working for nothing?

I could go on and on and on…but in a nutshell–stop being sheep.  And if you must be sheep, I hope you like being raped daily, losing your jobs, and all sense of decency.  Your silence will not save you.  Or us.


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