help needed

I shared this message on my Facebook a few minutes ago, after reading Catherine’s post on her landlord’s despicable behavior.  They have no legal recourse since being greedy and racist isn’t against the law.  They are urgently in need of a new space, moving help, moving supplies, and funds.  If you’re in Denver, and can physically help, please step up and let Catherine know you care about the work she’s done for years.  If you’re not in Denver, please consider a donation.  Even $5 will help and will be used responsibly.

Catherine is a fixture in the community.  I’ve personally seen this organization’s work, and it is truly transformative–using art and words to heal young lives.  Our children need this organization now more than ever.  We can’t let hate win.  Go to to donate or offer help.  There’s lots more on their Web site as well if you want to understand what they do.  We all complain about our world.  This is an organization doing something about all the crap we see every day.  This is a tangible way to make a real difference.



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