a few photos and babbling about life lately

I have a bit of a head cold, so I’m not feeling all that fantastic.  I ended up cooking a bunch today and spent part of the afternoon editing photos.  It was a rare sprint back to the beloved life I had in the past.  Cooking regularly is helping me feel more like myself, but I’m realizing more that it’s improvising and cooking on the fly that I miss most.  And just being creative and in my body.

I’m feeling a lot better physically these days–despite the head cold.  I have flares of the hives here and there–but I’m learning to deal with them.  I have a doctor’s appointment next month, so I’m hoping she’ll be able to shed some light on what exactly has caused them to stick around and then reemerge.  I think I know, but it’d be nice to have a medical opinion too.  I also want to talk to her about my thyroid stuff.  She’s highly rated and the practice is linked to Stanford, so I’m hoping she lives up to the hype.  I saw another doctor in Los Gatos a few weeks ago, and I wasn’t impressed.  I would have stayed with that practice, but not returning calls was my limit.  It’s a common thing here.

I’m also doing some major dental stuff (possibly a wisdom tooth extraction or two) in the next few weeks and am also getting rid of some moles on my face.  It’s long overdue, and I hope it’ll be an easy healing process.  As much as I want to be social and active right now, I think I need to hole up for a while and focus on managing stress since work is a bit crazy right now–that a whole other story–and we’re still unpacking and navigating this new home.

I do have some fun plans for Christmas that are all about self-care, and I’m really excited about it.  Truly.  I don’t know if we’ll be unpacked enough to decorate this year, but fingers crossed that happens.

Anywho…a few photos.  Some from the last year and others from this month.


July 2015, Denver’s Huston Park


July 2015, Denver’s Huston Park


July 2015, Where I grew up.


Always with the flowers. October in San Jose.


Bokeh + flowers = true love.


Trees make good watercolors.


I’m not sure what kind of tree this is, but the texture on the bark is super cool and weird.


We live maybe five minutes from the San Jose airport. The first time I saw a plane on descent, I freaked out and took this picture–then realized it was just landing. Surprisingly, it’s not loud at all.


No traffic is good traffic and like a Christmas miracle. Going toward the blue mountains, brown mountains to our back. (I have no idea what street this is except it’s the big one that’s by our apartment). I think this is San Jose, but it may be Santa Clara. Maybe going West. Except there are two sets of mountains, so who knows? This Colorado girl only knows mountains on the West, so that’s what I’m guessing.


Be still my heart. You wouldn’t think we’d get any autumn love here in the south bay, but every so often, one of these stunners jumps out at you. (And you attempt to take a photo–realizing it’ll be horrible because you’re in a moving vehicle).


I love the cute little houses in our ‘hood.


Food to Go


Roy’s Station, October 2016


His eyes are really that color. Very little editing needed for this photo.


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