the magic sauce

What if all that time we waste on Facebook could actually do some good, or–at the very least–help us understand ourselves better?

A friend of mine posted this link recently, and intrigued, I moseyed over and let them analyze me.  I’ve always been a sucker for personality tests.

Here are my results.  Enjoy!


I’m kind of shocked by how feminine I am, but yep…I am a woman.


This is mostly true, I think, though I don’t think anyone would EVER call me laid back or relaxed! Ha.


I think my neuroticism score is skewed because I heavily edit myself on FB. I try to keep it drama free.


I think it’s a) funny that like Subway makes me more likely to be impulsive/spontaneous and b) that I still like Subway.  I like old school Subway, not reality of 2016 Subway.  Also, I’m guessing those who love Obama are more easily stressed because of the possibility of a Trump presidency.  Yes, I went there.


Intelligence?  Yup.  Probably.  Thanks for confirming it, survey thingee.  Satisfaction?  I think, again, my filtering here skews this slightly, but I do mostly love life.


Man. Poor Obama supporters.


Leadership? Meh.  I am a leader, but I hate leading.  Personality type?  They got it half right.  Again, this is skewed because the F & P sides of me are the troublemaking sides and rarely say hi on FB.  Hah.


The Tegan & Sara thing made me laugh out loud.  Mostly because one of my exes who was very into being a MAN fell in love with Tegan and Sara’s music after I sent him a bunch of my music in an effort to get him to listen to horrible screamo music less so we could actually enjoy music together at some point.  Yea.  


Yes, I am a commie liberal.  I’m also a Buddhist with fascination towards Judaism who went to Catholic schools and was raised Christian-ish.


Liking Ellen means more religiosity!  Really?!



Well, I do have a couple degrees in Communication.  I also edited the college paper, worked on Yearbook, and had my own radio show.  As for relationship status, OH DEAR GOD–laughing so hard.  I am very settled with life, so maybe that’s what they’re seeing.  Heh.



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