gone fishin (or something).

I’m alive, peeps. Yep. I know some of you were wondering.

I’ve been here a week, and I’ve thought about writing each day.  About the horrifying range of catastrophes that befell our move out of Denver…about the pneumonia and the hives and the hearing loss.  About the annoyances that come with settling into your home–when others settled first.  About my first trip solo downtown.  About our apartment.  About the emotions that just decided to surface today.  I thought about sharing photos, too.

But, right now, I still can’t really hear.  I still am coughing up lungs.  I’m still blotchy and red.  My stuff shows up on Monday, and I have no energy left for any of it–despite sleeping oh-so-much these past few days.

I’m not sure when I’ll share, or if I’ll ever even want to.  I’m processing all of it.  And much more.  But I will say just leaving was worth it.  I still have doubts, though.  And I’m not sure they’ll ever go away.  And I’m not sure about many things right now.

I’ll be back soon, I think, with stuff to share.  But right now, I need to not share so much.


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