all the bells are ringing

It’s been quite an ordeal, and today will likely be more of the same–and it may even bleed into tomorrow.  But, today is the very last day I’ll spend in our Denver apartment.

I’m godawful tired.  Like tired to degrees I didn’t think I could be tired.  And there is still a frightening amount of work to do–some of it very difficult emotional work.  This morning, I felt a lot of emotion.  I found myself writing this on social:

“I’ve had such a journey these last 12 years of living at the corner of 12th and Race. Across two homes. Many relationships. Few careers.

So much grief, love, joy, and most of all healing. I came here a month after my mother died. Cheesman loved me & took me in. So grateful.

Thank you, dear friend. Thank you, beautiful park. I will miss your doggies and the weeping willow. And your celebration of outcasts.”

I posted that, and a few minutes later, I heard a cascade of church bells.  In the 12 years I’ve lived on this corner, I never once heard a church bell.  We are blocks away from any church.  And yet, there it was–one last hug from this place that held me so often when I needed to be held.  I burst into tears when I heard them.  And as I write this, I am crying again.

The heart of this emotion right now is utter gratitude.  I’ve always loved the idea of letting things go with a grateful heart.  And that is what I have right now.  We are a week away from leaving, but my heart is overflowing.


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