why i’ve stopped hating on Pokemon Go

I keep meaning to write that post from the other night, but things come up, and I get sidetracked.  I’m still dealing with weird abdominal whatever, so my energy levels aren’t fabulous.  We also had a death at work.  So I’m processing many things at the moment.

I did want to share something that may surprise people.  I no longer hate Pokemon Go.  Well, let me clarify–I never actually did hate Pokemon Go.  I hated how and why people used it.  Or rather how people were using it to avoid actual things that needed attention.

But the creators of the app won me over recently when they decided to include a memorial for Tamir Rice in the app as a Pokestop.  Not only that, but they told the truth about his death–not simply reciting the safe or official versions.

With that, the app itself actually made me a fan.  I never hated it.  Like I said–I liked that it got people outside.  And an app can’t help how users use it–really–or why they use it.  They can’t change how technology operates either.  But it’s admirable that Pokemon Go’s team has decided to help social justice and force people to think–if only for a minute–about the reality of our world.

For the record, I still am a bit disgusted by badly behaving users, but this addition gives me hope that perhaps other things will be highlighted and this can actually be a real learning tool for people.

But–no–I refuse to Poke anything.  Well, maybe not until California.  Because a girl must explore new places, yea?


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