silver linings

I actually slept pretty well, despite waking up starving at 2:30 am after that nightmare.  I was still kind of in a shitty mood.  Mostly because my thumb/wrist still hurt and I had a decently busy day today–but one of those unproductive busy days.  And then there was the news about Nice–which I had managed to avoid by not logging into social networks.  Of course, it always happens eventually–and when it does? There’s nothing like a mass murder to put me in a foul mood.

But it got better, mostly because of something I’ve noticed often.  How–when I am my most exhausted by this world–the world seems to show up and show me it’s still worth investing in.

  • Today, my co-worker welcomed a beautiful baby boy to the world.  He was so excited to come meet everyone that he showed up half a week early.  She was so nervous during her pregnancy, so we were so happy to hear her labor and delivery went very quickly and without any hiccups.
  • I had the best conversation with one of my hiring managers who thanked me so much for my “creativity, professionalism, and heart.”  He is one of my favorites, and I was so delighted that he was happy.
  • I had a great conversation with a candidate who we couldn’t hire–despite him being a rockstar–because the req was put on hold till next year.  He told me it was the best experience he’s ever had with a recruiter.  It literally brought me to tears.  He was so gracious and so kind, despite us not having the news he wanted.  He’s decided he might want to look into teaching high school for a year.  We discussed that for a few minutes, and I told him to feel free to reach out to me if he needs advice navigating that craziness.
  • A smiling, handsome man from Uber brought me a bunch of ice cream bars and a t-shirt–for free–for National Ice Cream Day.  It literally made my day.  I felt like I was five and the ice cream man was on the corner.  I’ve been wanting ice cream for a whole week.
  • The receptionist at my dentist office told me she is officially in remission from her breast cancer diagnosis from a summer ago.  I just met her last week, but she feels like a dear friend.  I’m so happy for her and her kiddos.

Too often, life is really hard.  But these moments make up for it and help me remember how lucky I am–and how beautiful the world usually is.


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