i hope you poke your eye out.

Call me a curmudgeon–(okay, fine–I’ll call myself a curmudgeon.  I own it)–but  I am beyond sick to death of reading about Poke this and Poke that.  Even moreso, I’m sick to death of idiots behaving badly while playing this silly game.

I take a walk around my neighborhood, most nights.  It’s typically a fun, relaxing time where I can get out and say hello to my neighbors, their children, and their puppies.  My neighborhood is normally a friendly, active community where you can meet just about anyone.  Last night, I came home–utterly pissed off–instead of relaxed.  Why, you ask?  Because in the course of four blocks, five people ran into me–literally almost mowed me down–and also almost got hit by cars.  All because of some stupid game.  Did any of them apologize or even acknowledge the fact that they literally plowed into someone or nearly caused an accident?  Hell, no.  God forbid you take the time to have any courtesy whatsoever and acknowledge the existence of other human beings in your path.  They were too busy trying to catch whatever nonexistent entity was in the area.

The whole thing left me fairly enraged.  (I’m not even going to go into the whole privilege thing at work here because I could literally talk about that ALL DAY).  I mean–I’m glad these people are getting off their asses–which is apparently a big deal for us Americans.  And I’m glad people are distracted…though maybe you should want to pay attention to the immense amounts of BS happening in the world.  But the whole thing–and gamer culture itself–just highlights for me the problems in this world.

I’ve never been much of a gamer.  The closest I’ve gotten was MarioKart.  I don’t game much–if at all anymore–mostly because I don’t like who I am when I’m gaming.  I become a recluse, glued to some screen–yelling at something–and, at the end of the day, what have I actually done?

When I hole up to write, I might talk to myself and not be seen for hours.  But when I’m done, I’m a kinder, happier person.  When I go off on a roadtrip–same deal.  But with gaming–I’m not kinder or happier.  I’m more neurotic and isolated and less able to connect with other people.

Maybe not everyone is like this–but this tech-infused culture we live in certainly isn’t something that really fosters connection.  The closest you get is a false sense of connection based on things that aren’t real.

I’m so tired of people playing with their phones at dinner instead of actually being with me.  I am so tired of how we all check fb and email 120x a day because God forbid we miss the update about how many miles someone walked chasing after a stupid phantom.

Just be present.  Stop numbing out.  Avoiding reality might be fun for a few minutes, but it just makes you more lonely and disconnected over time.


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