oh, bother.

For whatever reason, since as long as I can remember, I’ve had a reputation for being a certain way.  Most people I grew up with remember me as pretty innocent, a schoolgirl who did everything perfectly, and basically the epitome of the goody goody.  I’ve mostly gotten past that as I’ve grown up and people have come to know me, but it still lingers.  At work, I’m known for being really nice, helpful, overachieving, and pretty serious.  My team has gotten glimpses here and there of my sense of humor, but nothing big as I really try to be professional when I’m at work.

Today, though, they saw another side of me.

So, this morning, I plugged in my headset, and I started hearing this ad for Volvo repeating over and over again in my ear. And I’m like, “What the heck is happening?!” I immediately thought our new phone system was now playing ads when we’re not on the phone. I tried to check my voicemail and the ad was still playing. At this point, I was getting really frustrated because the ad was so loud, I couldn’t hear the voicemail.

I reduced all my windows so I could get into it to see if there was a way to turn it down or off. But then, I realized there was a pop-up that came off of one of the sourcing sites I use—that was playing the ad—and it was not our phone system at all.

I emailed my team to let them know about this horrible feature because I could just see them losing their minds–as I had.  I titled my email: “This day is going to require a lot of coffee. Or tequila.”

My coworkers died laughing, both proclaiming they had no idea how funny I could be.  Yea–well, just you wait.  😉


This afternoon, I decided to take a shower on my late lunch break.  It’s one of the few perks of working from home.  I can shower whenever I feel like it, thanks.  I had ordered a kids meal from a meal service I just started trying out last week (so good).  They do same day delivery, and I had a coupon for half off.  So, when I saw they had pigs in a blanket and sweet potato tots, I was all in and pretty damn excited about it.  I set delivery for 4 pm.  At 3:15 pm, I decided to grab a quick shower–leaving my bathroom door open and my phone on in case they called.  They normally text that they’re on their way about 1/2 hour before, so you can be ready for them and can track them.

Well, I never got the text.  So, I’m in the shower–had just finished washing my hair and was about to shave my legs–when I hear the Super Mario Brothers theme song.  Oh, crap.  Someone’s at the door.  I run out of the shower–totally soaked–grab a towel–and answer the phone–totally panicked.  It’s the dude, and he’s here half an hour before the delivery window.  I didn’t have time to put on clothes, and I don’t know where my robe is–so I decide to just rock the towel.  My face is all flustered from the shower and utter humiliation.

Of course, it’s a cute boy.  And of course, he wants to engage me in conversation.  (Thank God my neighbors weren’t out there).  I thank him for my food, and he tells me I smell amazing.  And I say–because I am incredibly awkward and flustered, “Yea. I know.”

I will not be sharing this story with my coworkers.  😉


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