oh, man.

I’ve had kind of an odd week.

I got a raise.  Work is going okay, but it’s frustrating.  The love life is nonexistent, and I’m choosing that.  Fogg is stable, mostly, though I still worry.

But my health?  Um.  I don’t quite know.

I was basically convinced I may need emergency surgery all week.

I can’t remember what day it was–Tuesday, maybe?  Who knows!  It’s all a blur.

I woke up with this weird dull pain between my two surgical scars on my abdomen–right above my belly button.  I freaked out a little because I’ve heard belly button pain is a sign of very bad things.  Requiring surgery usually.  Like hernias.  Or appendicitis.  Or pancreatitis.

And let’s be real–after my last emergency surgery–all of these things could happen to me.  I was warned that I needed to take good care of myself.  I’ve been taking fairly good care of myself–as much as I’m able to–but this year has not helped with that.  And I’ve been randomly hurting myself and getting sick a lot lately.

In any case, the pain didn’t wake me up or anything.  It was just there when I woke up.  It wasn’t bad–maybe a 2 out of 10.  When I stood up, I felt this pulling pain that was still not horrible.  I could do everything.  It wasn’t like the leg thing–at all.  It was more like this thing I noted and worried about.  And then Googled because you do this if you’re me.

It was either a muscle tear, bad gas, an appendicitis, a hernia, or maybe my pancreas.  I ruled out hernia fairly quickly because there was no bulging or puffiness.  Everything I read said to see a doctor if it didn’t go away in a few hours.  Or if I started vomiting, had a fever, or if the pain got worse.  I was really hoping for bad gas.  I did feel super bloated, but that wasn’t unusual.  I took some peppermint oil and turmeric–hoping it would go away.

A few hours later, the pain was still there–not terrible–but still there.  So I went to urgent care on my lunch break.  It was the same doc as before, and he diagnosed me with a muscle pull/tear thing.  He told me not to twist too much and take it easy.  Since I wasn’t in much pain, and still have the pain meds from before, that was about it.

So, I was satisfied with that until yesterday when I noticed the pain was migrating.  It had moved from mid-abdomen, above my belly button, to the right–under my rib cage…which is where I’ve had liver pain in the past.  When that happened before, it was because my liver was congested due to being overwhelmed by allergies and etc.  Since my gall bladder surgery, I really have to pay attention to my liver and be very kind to it.  I took liver support stuff for over a year and also used to do Chinese herbs to help support it.  It’s a whole thing with bile and bullshit related to how my body digests food now.  Before, my doc just said to watch it and come back if it got worse or if it didn’t go away in a few days.  This time, it definitely hurt when I pressed on it.  Rebound pain is what they call it.  So, I decided to take my liver meds and the Chinese herbs I took before.  I felt immediately better, so I assumed that must have been the cause of the pain.  I probably did have a muscle thing, but maybe it was also my liver being temperamental.  I had been subjected to more toxins lately too, since the building was resurfacing the courtyard and fumes were all over the complex.  And allergies have been horrendous this year for me.  So, that was probably it–along with stress.

Except it came back and got worse.  More like a 4 out of 10 now.  And it migrated again–this time–just to the right of my surgical scar and belly button–like an appendicitis.  I also had some GI issues that could be related.  I didn’t have a fever or vomiting, though, so that was a good sign.  I spoke to my roommate about it–since I really was torn–and decided to wait it out.  He thought maybe other muscles were being strained since I was moving differently to avoid stressing the muscle I hurt.  Or maybe it was just gas.  I decided I would go to the ER if it got to be more painful or if I started feeling vomit-y/feverish.  And I would keep taking my herbs and liver support stuff.

The pain eventually moved to below my belly button (!) and actually started dissipating after that.  I still feel bloated and have weird pressure-y feelings in my stomach.  The muscles feel a bit achy.  But very little pain or weird pulling.  And no more GI issues.  I’m pretty convinced my Chinese herbs fixed up whatever was going on–along with my turmeric friend.  In any case, I’m glad I don’t need to have emergency surgery and can spend the weekend doing house stuff and goal planning.


I’m going to bed now.  But I’ll try to post something more interesting tomorrow.


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