shitty bad

Some days, you just want to stab your calendar and call it dead.  You pray for midnight.  You want to know who decided it was Shit on Alma day.  You burn sage in hopes of turning around your luck.  And then, you laugh–hard–because GODDAMN–how ridiculous was this damn day?!!!

I get up around 6:55 am every single day.  Even on weekends.  Lately, I’ve been randomly waking up around 5:30 am.  For no reason.  I usually go back to bed.  Today, I went back to bed.  Then, at 6:25 am, all the lights in my entire apartment came on.  Which woke up the kitties.  Which made them howl and cry and scratch at my door.  What the Hell?!

It was a power outage that lasted all of 1 minute.  Okay.

I got up to make sure the fridge that held Fogg’s insulin was back on and in good shape.  It was.  I turned off all the lights.  I checked that everything was okay.  It was.  Or I thought it was.

I went about my morning.  I logged into work.  It was going to be a slow day.  So, I decided–as I often do–to turn on my TV and watch a little something while I was sourcing.  Because sourcing is dull and horrible before 9 am.

Only that wasn’t working right.  There was a message telling me that the HDMI cable wasn’t connected.  Crap.  I knew it was either from the power outage or Rilly did it while losing his shit.  So, I got up and checked all the physical connections.  It was all fine.  And yet–this crap.

So, we have a Tivo box that connects to our Comcast box and then a Tivo Roamio that’s in my room.  I usually only watch TV in my room.  Everything in the living room seemed legit, so I decided to check in here.  Which is difficult given that I am basically living in boxlandia.  It’s not pretty.  The TV is on this big, heavy dresser, which was surrounded by big, heavy things that would not move easily.  So even getting to the Tivo box took some maneuvering.  Ugh.

I did it, though.  Nothing changed.  I contacted Comcast.  Dealt with Comcast.  Wanted to gouge my eyes out because Comcast before 9 am. 4x.  They hung up on me 4x and basically had no idea.  So I didn’t reach out again.  Good strategy on their part.  From that idiotic conversational hellmouth, I learned that there was no outage and the issue had to be in here.  I had no idea.  Roomie had no idea.  We figured that either the Tivo box got fried, despite being plugged into a surge protector, or the power cord was dead or unplugged, or the surge protector was dead.

But checking that would prove problematic–and I really didn’t want to go there–so I waited a bit.  Then, on my lunch break, I noticed a cord I hadn’t checked, which also happened to be where the power strip was.  Crap.  So, I decided to move all of this shit out of the way and get behind the dresser from Hell.  1/4 way in, someone knocked on the door.  I thought it was FedEx, but they knocked again.  So, I went and no one was there.  Then I noticed a missed call from our building.  So, I called.  There was a massive flood downstairs and they worried it was coming from our unit.  They asked if they could come in.  I said yes, but give me 20 minutes.  I rushed to clean everything up only to find that they decided to just go through the ceiling.  It was the main line.  Ugh.

I did more work and then decided to tackle the horror again after work.  A delivery supposedly came, but someone stole it.  So that meant I was without a cell phone charger since that beast died yesterday.  Amazon told me to wait to see if it shows up tomorrow.  Ugh.  I noticed the bump in noticed on Fogg’s back on Thursday is getting bigger.  (We’re vet bound Monday).  Not comforting.  I made some headway with the BS and took a break before trying again–utterly exhausted.  I hurt my back and knee.  Fun times.

I discovered that I have a shit ton of things in my room that should not be in my room.  The fuck.  And that my stupid Tivo thingee was indeed disconnected.  But when did it get disconnected?  After switching power strips, it came on!  And TV was restored.  And then it started rebooting.  OH NOES.  And then it stopped.  Crap.  So, I ordered a new adapter–hoping it isn’t the box.  Then I found a different adapter that actually fit and then TV came back.  Except it keeps freezing.  But I think that’s the damn remote malfunctioning and not the Tivo.  Argh.  Oh, and then I discovered that my big hard drive had no power either.  Fun times.  So, I bought a new adapter for that too.  And I’m hoping my drive isn’t just dead.

I finally finished 1 minute before midnight.  And I am exhausted.  In my delirium, I wondered why the Universe wanted all this shit to land on me today.  Maybe it’s a sign from God to disconnect my devices.  Read  a book.  Write.  Get in my body.  Instead of turning into a sloth after work and falling asleep, drooling, to the light of Netflix.

I’m gonna go with that instead of saying the Universe is an asshole.  Although, that’s probably accurate too.


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