a whole lotta random

So, the weekend came and is on its way out.  I had planned on doing a bunch of stuff today, but then felt an overwhelming sense of lazy and decided to give in to it.  Well, as much as I could.  Don’t worry, adulting will happen on Wednesday. #pinkieswearpromise

  • (Okay, so I cleaned a little. Maybe vacuumed.  I have three really fluffy cats. It has to happen or it’s furry tumbleweeds all up in this, alright).
  • Whenever I look most like a sweaty homeless person, that’s when a cute guy shows up at the door or I run into a judgmental old lady. It’s Sunday cleaning day, okay?! (No offense to sweaty or homeless folks. You’re beautiful. Never change).
  • I’ve decided mail is worthless.  Unless it’s packages.  All other mail can go to Hell and find its way to my Inbox. Because why, God, why do we need to murder trees so you can tell me about a plumbing service I will never ever need?
  • If it’s warm outside, 72 feels hot inside.  If it’s cold outside, 80 degrees feels about perfect.
  • My p key fell off my keyboard a month ago.  I have tried and tried to fix it.  It still works, without the key, but it’s a major pain in the ass.  I use the p more than all other letters.  (Get your brain out of the gutter).
  • I forgot how much I love really good onion rings.  A really good onion ring is really hard to find.  But today, a handsome man brought me some.  (See also point 2).
  • No, I still do not have a boyfriend.  (See also point 2).  No.  I actually do comb my hair sometimes.  Just not on weekends, okay, old lady woman.
  • I am contemplating cutting my hair shorter again and dying it brown or black again.  But then I remember the roots and decide that ombre whatever might be a better idea.  Sigh.  I do enjoy my dark side.  But it’s summer soon.  I usually lighten up in the summer.  Maybe I’ll be blonde again.
  • While Bernie still fits my political interests, I’m contemplating Hillary more lately.  This article kind of sums it up.
  • As much as I really support the Bern’s grassroots efforts, I think–in our BS political system–you have to play with the big guns and the 1% to get elected.  Until we reform that system, it’s a no go.  And money does matter.  It always does.  More than that, just electing the right presidential candidate isn’t enough.  If Congress cock-blocks everything, you’re screwed.  Hillary seems to get it.  Bernie is great, but he’d be right where Obama has been.  And then, we’d have an even harder time electing a progressive candidate.  And honestly, I only think Bernie is where he is now because of Hillary and Obama’s battles to be heard.  Suddenly, alternative candidates are contenders because it’s not just white men being elected or having a real shot.
  • No, I will never vote for Hillary just because she’s a woman.  She’s earned her right to be there, and despite some of her policies, she’d do good for our country.
  • Why am I talking politics?
  • I hurt my shoulder.  I don’t know how.  It involved talking on the phone.
  • God, why–oh why–is tomorrow Monday?
  • Fogg has her first glucose curve appointment on Tuesday.  I have to take her to the hospital and leave her all day.  I’m very nervous about this, though I know it’s critical to her care.  I am anxious to learn more about her numbers and learn how I can take a more active role in doing this–so I don’t have to worry about taking her to the hospital and stressing her out.
  • She’s doing really well.  It’s nice to not feel all her bones anymore.  I still wish she’d eat wet food, though.
  • I watched Shadowlands on Saturday.  Anthony Hopkins was hot.  I really liked it, but then I already loved C.S. Lewis long ago.

Time to huddle under the covers with Fogg and catch up with TiVo: because lazy Sunday.


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