in the light

Today, I really tried to do things I loved.  From listening to the new Lumineers album to finding nostalgia in unfamiliar settings.  Art has always been the one thing in my life that has the power to heal my heart.  And since starting my grad program, it’s the one part of my life that’s gone neglected.  I wrote in this blog to stay sane and to whine, mostly, but my “real” writing and photography mostly went neglected–though I had plenty of ideas and continued to take photos all the time.  I just didn’t share them.  So, I’m going to start doing that again.  Regularly.  I might not post many things from this week–mostly because those photos feel very vulnerable to me right now–and I’m not ready.  But you’ll see them eventually.

These are all from my cell phone.  I’ll get to the real stuff sometime soon.


Driving southbound on Broadway, approaching sunset.  Near the place where I was born.


Sweet Fogg in healthier times.


I look disturbingly like Christina Ricci in this photo.  One of the few selfies from this week that doesn’t feel too raw.


Denver’s Cheesman in the spring. AKA my second home.  Looking southwest to my first home.


In my favorite Denver park.  Dead of winter.


And in the spring.


Trying to be decent. Wet cell phones are slippery.


Walking to the car after the Reed Foehl concert at Swallow Hill a couple years ago.  It rained, and the street looked like it was paved in gold.


I wish I had my real camera when I took this on Tuesday. But: spring.




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