exhausted pretty much covers it

(Yes, I AM writing this at 4 am. Why, you ask? Because I just woke up after passing out insanely early.  Related, and yet not: https://www.ted.com/talks/rives_on_4_a_m?language=en).

So, yesterday was pretty much the longest day in the history of days.  On Monday (was it Monday?  What the Hell day is it anyway?), I got my normal kitty update letting me know Fogg was doing really well, and that the game plan was to release her sometime on Tuesday.  Probably early afternoon.

I requested the whole day off because you never know when things will change or how long things will take.  I reserved a carshare (long story) for the full day as well and mentally prepared myself for what needed to happen.

We had paid about half of the original estimate they gave us for a three day stay, and we had almost enough to cover the rest.  But they never gave us an estimate if she went over that, and she had a couple extras done, so I was totally unsure of what our total would be–but it was definitely more than we had.

This thing came at really bad timing.  The first half of the month sucks for me because a) my check is smaller because of how our bonuses work, and b) rent and all our bills are due the same week–this week.  No wiggle room on any of them.  And, while my roommate was still collecting a paycheck, his company–the one that brought us to California–closed all its offices in California and Seattle.  It was not unexpected, so he had been looking for a new job for a few days.  Luckily, Silicon Valley is a good place to be for a Ruby developer looking for work.  He found a job quickly and started this week.  But there had been some financial fall-out from it, and that meant for two weeks, there’d be just enough to get by.  Oh, and our savings and credit had been maxed out by Fogg’s emergency care about a month ago.  We had recovered from that a little, but it was still not pretty.  Also given more expenses coming up in May, the money sitch was pretty hairy.  Frustrating more because it would have been a totally different ballgame in about 1 week.

I’m a resourceful person, so I know how to rally and come up with money out of nowhere if I need to.  I did this a lot a few years back after some unfortunate events.  It wasn’t pretty.  (I wish I knew this shit back when I was el broko as a kid.  But then I was a kid).  It meant doing a whole lot yesterday morning.  It’s not ideal, but it’s fine…and I somehow came up with every cent I needed–even though the actual bill was about a grand more than anticipated–and that didn’t include her meds which aren’t at all cheap.

Of course, that’s the nutshell version.  The reality is that this entire day was one big cluster where things were possible, but not without a ton of effort.  Even picking up my carshare–which is usually totally simple–was an ordeal.  I walked to the location a few blocks up only to find no car.  I called the carshare peeps who told me the previous member left the car two blocks away.  Only it wasn’t there either.  So, they switched the reservation, and I lyfted over.  And then I had my roommate’s card–so the door wouldn’t open.  After several minutes, the rep and I figured that out–and luckily my card was actually in my purse.  No clue why roomie’s card was there, but yea–aggravating.

I did have a little fun.  By then, I was starving and wrung out, so I picked up Starbucks breakfast and made my way to a favorite place, taking photos and enjoying the beautiful day.  Then I started my trek–just barely finishing everything right before Fogg’s scheduled pick-up, which was moved to the end of the day.

Fogg seemed so much better–way calmer and happy to see me.  She instantly caressed my face, and everyone aww’d about how cute it was.  That’s my Foggy.  She loves to hug my face with her paws.  They talked to me more about managing her condition, and the fantastic vet tech who helped us before showed me how to inject her insulin.  I was pretty terrified, but I actually did it perfectly on the first try–on Fogg.  She didn’t seem to even care and actually assumed the position, so she must be used to it by now.  I was mostly terrified because I hate hurting an animal.  Even giving them meds makes me sad, and I’m just squeamish about needles.  I am a science major, so learning how to draw things accurately in the needle and remove bubbles was old hat to me.  The only scary thing was getting the needle in her.  Mostly because she has really thick hair and it’s kind of like going in blind.  But it wasn’t too bad.  They sent me off with lots of canned food and some dry food to get me by a few days.  Her diet was already grain-free, so she’s taken well to it, but doesn’t really want the wet food.  I’m happy to feed her dry, at this point.

Unfortunately, I had to pick up needles and a monitor and test strips and her insulin at a human pharmacy.  Her meds are super expensive, but should last four months (if I make sure to handle them well).  We went with this one, though there are cheaper ones, because it’s the one that’s had the most success with reversing diabetes.  We’re not sure if this will happen for Fogg, but sometimes it does–and it’s worth a shot.  We’ll be back in about a week to get her sutures removed from the central line she had and to get a glucose monitoring done–which I will eventually do myself at home.

They think she’ll make a full recovery–though she may have this for the rest of her life.  There are some scary things that can happen, but I feel alright with what I know.  I hope the scary things don’t happen, but our vet tech said it usually happens at least once to every diabetic cat.  Luckily, she gave me a tip to get her past it that seems reasonable and since she’s pretty stable right now, it seems unlikely it’ll happen anytime soon.

Fogg is still drinking too much water–which is a sign she’s still sick.  But she’s eating that dry food and sleeping a lot (another sign she’s not feeling great).  She was an absolute angel in the car.

For my part, man–driving all day and just all the stress has made my body feel like it’s been beaten.  I even have giant bruises on my calves from various things that happened.  I still have to drop off the carshare in the morning, so I’m hoping my bum knee stops being a dick by then.  Icy Hot and Motrin to the rescue.  It’s mostly just stiff, so I’m sure it’ll be fine once I start walking around.  It does feel better than it did.  Oddly, it didn’t start being this ache parade until I stopped running around last night.

As much as it sucks to care for a sick cat–and it’s a big commitment in terms of needing to watch her and inject her at certain times–I’m really happy she’s home.  I missed my best girl.


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