quick Fogg update

So, bloodwork and ultrasound stuff came back. It’s encouraging. The main goal has been to get her out of crisis to stabilize the diabetes (which will hopefully get her eating again and help her feel much, much better). The secondary goal was to figure out what the heck happened to cause this. There are many possibilities–some benign and some that would probably require euthanasia. So, it was a bit tense earlier.

Her bilirubin was way up last night, but that’s near normal as of this morning. Her heart looked good. No infections. Her pancreas was normal. Liver was inflamed, but that goes hand in hand with the ketoacidosis, so it’s probably not a cause of the diabetes. Back when she had the pancreatitis before, she had a few areas of thickening in her jejunum. The vet before thought it was probably IBD. That area is still present, but exactly the same as in February. It could be lymphoma, but since she is not having any gastro issues right now, they’re leaning toward IBD. The good news there is that it doesn’t seem to be flaring either–so we don’t need to really worry about that unless something happens to indicate more.

All of this means that the cause of her diabetes is more than likely all the damn stress she’s had since the surgery and the pancreatitis. Which means we just have to get her out of this crisis and get her on a regiment of insulin and special food. Some cats actually will get totally better and not be diabetic anymore, but it’s sorta rare.

The ketoacidosis is really an awful thing because it’s unpredictable. But if she makes it out of this, we have a decent chance at a fairly normal life–though she’ll need close monitoring and I’ll be the needle lady for the rest of her life. It’s daunting and intimidating, but I feel so relieved that she’s got a decent shot at beating this. That said, she may be in there for a while. This stuff is hard to get right, but she’s in great hands.

I’ll go down to visit her tomorrow. Can’t wait to love on her again.  I miss that little face.



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