a quick wave

Just wanted to say hello to everyone and give a quick life update.

Fogg is okay.  We think those bumps are internal sutures.  We’re taking a watchful approach.  I actually let her out into the rest of the apartment this week.  Rilly has been aggressive–treating her like a new cat–and she’s waffled between scared and aggressive right back.  It’s going to be an adjustment.  I am still feeding them separately so I can monitor her eating.

Work has been a bit rough this week, with whisperings of change with our client and lots of BS from my client managers.  I’ve gotten through it, but these things always freak me out a bit–and I’ve reverted to people pleasing at times.  I think I’m back on an even keel, though.

I’ve also had a head cold/allergy nightmare off and on for days.  So, that’s fun.

I start my last class for the program today!

Oh, and there’s also that other thing happening in about 8 weeks.

It’s gonna be a long 8 weeks.

Expect much whining and randomness.


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