d-day + update

It’s been almost 2 weeks since we got the news that Fogg needed  surgery for the lump near her tail.  Ever since then, I’ve been a tornado–trying to learn as much as I could about mast cell tumors while getting all the things Fogg would need to recover in peace.  It’s been stressful, and I’ve been quietly freaking out–spending as much time with her as possible and spoiling her with all the foods she loves.

Having just gone through something pretty traumatic with another long-time feline friend, this whole thing has had me on edge.  I wanted to get it done right away, but even right away didn’t feel quick enough.  On Tuesday, we had a bit of a trial run.  I took her to the vet, after locking her up in  a crate for the entire day, and it was so stressful.  It was good, though, because it illuminated what I could do to make her comfortable when it really mattered.

So, I decided the crate would remain open.  I’d just close my door and make sure she wasn’t able to jump on my bed.  I also put wee wee pads around the crate in case she had an accident, and tweaked the litter box situation since she had no idea what to do with newspapers.  Unfortunately, on Tuesday, I wrenched my Achilles tendon pretty badly.  It made getting her home from the vet  not so much fun.  I’ve been taking it easy  and trying not to aggravate it as much as possible.

Last night, I locked her up in my room to make the morning go easier–and help me observe the no food after 9 pm rule.  It went really well.  Fogg and I got some great cuddle time in, and we both slept well.  It was so nice having that special time with her.  I felt so bad putting her in the carrier this morning.

Getting to the vet was not a fun time.  I had decided to take Lyft over because of how early I’d have to be there and also because of the injury.  Plus I had free ride credits.  I’d used Lyft on Tuesday, and it was great.  Unfortunately, it was a mixed bag this morning.  It was super cold.  I was just wearing a hoodie–not a coat–since I didn’t expect it to be that cold.  The wind was blowing, so it was kind of bone-chilling.  I reinjured my Achilles going down the stairs again–this time felt worse–but I was able to climb down with her–even though it was a bit scary.  I ordered Lyft, and one arrived–but claimed she was allergic to cats.  She was kind of a jerk, to be honest.  I ordered a new one, and he arrived four minutes later.  Fogg was not happy and cried the whole way over.

Check-in went good.  I found out the estimate was a little lower than expected due to a promotion they had going.  Fogg is getting one multi-pronged mass removed plus a  dental cleaning and exam.  I met with the vet, who’s an oncologist plus the tech–and was pretty happy with them.  They were very reassuring, and everyone at the vet’s office was great.  I’m sure I looked like a petrified deer.  I don’t do hospitals without a lot of anxiety and my last visit to a vet was with Cleo–who passed away rather traumatically.  So, I get very anxious.  I even took two doses of lavender oil to maintain some amount of calm.

I said goodbye to my best girl and then Lyfted back home.  This driver was great.

The vet called a few minutes in, and asked if it would be okay to remove a few more of Fogg’s teeth.  We were originally just doing one, but it looks like Fogg cracked a fang somehow and had some smaller teeth that were just bad looking and probably should come out before they got worse.  To ensure her recovery is a-okay, it’s best to remove them, so I agreed without hesitation.  I can’t imagine my girl with only three fangs, though.  It makes me sad.  I feel bad that we waited  a few months on the dental.  We were trying to do that after our move–to keep the stress low before the road trip–but decided to get it all done now since she was having the mass removed.  We had the best of intentions, of course, but with her and Rilly fighting, I’m sure that’s where that crack came from.  Either that or her weird gnawing on things.  In any case, she should be happier with them out.

I should know more this afternoon sometime.  They’ll be keeping her for a few hours after the surgery, and then I can pick her up tonight.  We won’t know anything about the nature of her mass for a few days, probably.  In the meantime, send us all the love, prayers, and good mojo you can muster.  My babe is a special girl, and she means the world to us.  Her two little friends and Mama anxiously await her return.


Fogg is out of surgery and is already awake. She’s charming everyone and seems to be pretty happy, albeit drugged. The mass removal went well. The incision is fairly large, but she shouldn’t have many mobility issues. The mass seemed to be the less aggressive form of mast cell tumor, so we’re hopeful this procedure “cured” her. It’ll be a few more days before we get confirmation of clean margins and a definite characterization, but the cat oncologist seemed very hopeful of a good result.

Her dental was a bit more involved than we anticipated, unfortunately, and that will be the more difficult recovery. She lost a fang and three other teeth, but will be a lot happier once she’s healed up. Thanks to everyone for all the love these past few days. It’s always hard to see your pet in pain, but so nice to be on the other side and that much closer to normal again.


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