It’s funny how the silly things–like wasting time on Pinterest–can give you some perspective on your life.  Like tonight.

I was raging mad–trying to distract myself from my anger by searching for something funny–and found this:

It gave me some perspective.

“So, some guy who you gave up on a week ago when you still believed he was a decent person, actually didn’t just lie to you a little bit–but a whole lot.  That matters how?”

It truly doesn’t.   See…he was never it.  Not last month.  Not this summer.  Not 2 years ago.  And he was never going to be.  Whether he lied or not–well, being mad about it is about ego.  And timing.  And him thinking he got away with it.  He did me a favor.  He made it possible for me to live in the choices I made without any regret or feelings of guilt.  He made deleting all traces of him easy.

Art is interesting because it triggers the truth.  Always.

The truth is I’m just not into half-assing it, and he was a half-asser.  That guy on okstupid?  A half-asser.  Why am I entertaining people who will never ever deserve me?  Who will never be able to handle me?

I’m burning that shit to the ground.

I’m not giving chances to people who don’t light me up.  I’m not accepting apologies.  I’m not doing this anymore.  With anyone.

Be worthy.  But your existence in my life is not up to you.  I will not waste any more of my time.

This is the stuff I should be doing instead of wasting my time with boring losers too afraid to be alone.

I never belonged there.

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