in case you’re a massive dumbass

So, I know this is obvious to most people with hearts and brains who live with any kind of intention in life.

But, apparently, it needs to be said.

If someone finds out something about you that you’re not proud of and confronts you about it, tell the Goddamn truth.

Don’t lie.  If you lie about shit, and they find out after they found out originally that you lied to them again–about the same thing?  There is no fixing it.  None.  Ever.

Get it?

And not only will they never talk to you again, they will now be motivated to see you go down in a heap of your own shit.

Get ready.

You think I scorched Earth when I was just sick of your crap?  You have no idea what I’m capable of when I’m motivated.

I’d be scared.


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