i am sick.

Welp. I’m officially incapacitated by the germs.

My stupid sinus thing was better last night, so–in a burst of energy–I got all my weekend chores done around midnight. And thank GOD I did.

After 3 am, I started feeling kind of nauseated.  Just random.  I decided to take a bath–wherein I contemplated cutting and dying my hair right then and there.  But then felt ill again and decided to do it today.

Got out and noticed the plug-in thing was really aggravating the nausea.  So unplugged it, but could still smell it.  Then felt really cold.  Like could not get warm cold.  Went to bed.  Monkey woke me up by jumping on me.  Which was pretty cute, but also–WTF, kitty?  Got up.  Fed the cats.  Wanted to hurl, especially since their food looks like vomit.  BLECH.  Noticed I was kind of hot and oh that head thing hurts.  Still kind of chilled too.  It’s weird.

So, yea. I’m pretty sure my roomie gave me his germs. Which is fine because I gave him mine. But that’s the last damn time I let anyone hug me!

I’m going to bed.  I’m watching all the crime shows because I hate the world.  Somehow, I actually have sick people food.  Well, popsicles and jello.   Oh, and ginger.  And tea.  Shit.  I threw out the crackers. WHY did I do that?  Saltines last forever.  AGH. (Okay, note to self: create first aid kit for all possible illnesses.  Add Saltines). Send hugs and crackers.

Damnit, WHY?????!!!! AGGHHHH!!!NOOOO!!


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