my favorite troublemaker

Three years ago, the sweetest, whiniest, most insane little kitten-child came into our lives.  He’s been known to scale box towers, climb walls, barf on recliners, sing MAMA for all he’s worth, and beg for food on the daily.

He’s my buddy.  (Don’t tell J he loves me more now).

Happy anniversary, little man.  You make life so interesting and fun.

baby boy 9

Rilly at the shelter AKA our first ever picture of our little bud.

baby boy 8

He’s a heartbreaker, yo. Feisty, too.

baby boy7

Look how little he was! He loved J from the start. I believe he booped us both a few minutes later. He also fell asleep in my arms.

baby boy 6

It’s very hard to get pictures of him. As you can see here.

baby boy 5

He does this a lot. He had a slight cold.

baby boy 4

Irritating his big sister. He loved her so much. Still sleeps by her urn.

baby boy 3

He still has that sweet baby face.

baby boy 2

He loves his food. No posing here, folks.

baby boy

Three years old! My handsome buddy. Love!


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