vacation brain and other stories

Happy Turkey Week, y’all. (Don’t read further if you care about Walking Dead spoilers).

(Man, I’m HATING the changes WordPress made to the blogging application. I actually decided to write this in Notepad because it was getting in my way so much…so, hopefully, it’s not all wonky format-wise).

I think I’m getting (or have) a touch of the flu. Body aches kicked in yesterday. Three of my friends are battling it now, and yes, I’ve seen all three of these friends. Given that I am still dealing with sinus crap, I’m guessing I have no chance in Hell of not getting majorly sick this week. But I’m optimistic and gan mao linging myself like a psychopath.

(And the cat just barfed. Twice. Lovely).

In any case, I have major vacation brain happening today. I am just not into the whole adulting thing right now. I want to lay down and watch TV in my jammies.

I did manage to make myself a decent breakfast. And I used my bento box! I love bento boxes and found mine while packing. Best ever. Great for portion control and prettifying things. I may eat every meal out of my bento box for the rest of my week.

(This is going to be a random post, apparently).

I finally finished my big crazy work project (by working this weekend–worth it), so I can kind of breathe. It’s a short week and most of my client’s managers are away. Most of my meetings have also been cancelled, so no worries there either.

So, I thought I’d write a bit about our favorite apocalypse and all the goings on from last night’s Walking Dead episode.

You know–I adore Glenn and really hated the idea that he was dead. However, because it took so long to find out, it totally threw me out of the existing story and made the actual scene of Glenn surviving feel like a cop-out. After watching the Talking Dead and seeing Gimple talk about why they did it that way, it made sense and I really wanted to be overjoyed he was alive…but I was kind of pissed. Not for them making me grieve or whatever, but that there was more to it than that. Like maybe he found a trap door or something. And if Enid was in that building, where was she when this whole thing was going down? I guess I’m happy Glenn will have a better death eventually (because we all know he’s going to die soon, right?), but I was pretty indifferent to the whole episode.

I pretty much hated Enid the entire episode, though it was cool how Enid kind of pulls a Glenn after he pulls himself from under the dumpster. But she’s a shady one. I’m pretty sure she’s in cahoots with the Wolves…or at least knew something and didn’t stop them.

Is it me or do the Alexandrians get stupider every episode? And it’s rubbing off on Rick. I mean–really–give the psychotic child whose father you killed a gun? Really? Oh, and leave bullets around for dumbass to steal? Smart. (I actually am not minding Carl–for the first time ever–this season…so he better not be dead soon).

I was a fan of Maggie this episode, which surprised me because she annoys me normally too.

Still, I was kind of in love with the green balloons and the tower falling. Though–come on–give Glenn a break. Don’t threaten Maggie and unborn baby lives. I mean, give us an episode or something.

Summary: Yay, Glenn’s alive, but come on–do better. And bento boxes rock. Happy week, everyone. 🙂 Eat pie.


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