the peaceful warrior

Man, oh man. I am earning my paycheck today.  Had to take a mental health break (and lunch), but thought I’d write a quick note about last night’s Walking Dead.  I kind of wanted to talk about last night’s Homeland and The Affair as well–since I’m seeing some interesting themes in how men are being portrayed on these three excellent shows–but I think I’ll save that for a day when I’m not training 100 people on a major project.  (My brain’s a little hurt-y right now).

So, if you have not watched last night’s episode and care about spoilers, STOP READING NOW.


I’ve got to admit–I was pissed when I found out we wouldn’t be finding out about Glenn’s possible death until who knows when.  For me, it was a HUGE distraction that actually stopped me from really getting into last night’s episode.  Even after finally getting into it, I found myself confused by the ending–probably because of the distractions and really wished they’d saved this episode for another time or moved it up to the episode before this one.  While I enjoy this style of episode–way more than the “normal” ones–it felt out of sync.  I also felt like it needed more anchors to help us fully get the context to the present story.

Overall, while I enjoyed the episode a lot and found a lot to admire in it–I have mixed emotions about it.

On one hand–Eastman rocks.  A fantastic, layered, amazing character.  Problem: Eastman is pretty much the only new character I actually give a shit about.  To have him come in as a wham-bam-thank you ma’am character felt a bit rude.  I get that he’s influenced Morgan quite a bit and Morgan will bring that Eastman thing to the group–but I like Eastman a lot more than Morgan, honestly.  I wish he had way more screen time.  I was sad to see him go.  Also the GOAT!!  WTF.  I loved that goat.

Morgan’s story was compelling last night, but troubling to me.  While I am happy they’re talking about mental illness (PTSD, specifically), I didn’t like how it was portrayed.  To me, it came off as run of the mill crazy.  Most people with PTSD are NOT at all crazy.  They are not at all violent.  They’re much more like Michonne.  I guess, they have shown a spectrum of PTSD because–let’s face it–they all have it by now.  But, as someone with PTSD, it didn’t really ring true.  Especially the parts where Eastman was coaxing Morgan out.  Eastman, undoubtedly, rocked as a therapist…but even he isn’t that good.  It’s hard to believe a raging, angry, psychotic man would become this peaceful warrior in just a few days.  Yea–he still struggles–but the change is pretty jarring.

I get it.  We don’t have a ton of time.  But yea—didn’t buy it.

I guess I just wanted a lot more from Morgan’s character than what was presented.  Of course, because we only had this episode to explore it with Eastman, it was woefully flimsy.  This is another reason why Eastman should have lived.  Maybe we’ll see more in flashbacks or something, but I was disappointed.

Superb acting, as always.  And still quite compelling.  Lots of good thoughts and ideas.  Hopefully, we get a lot more next week.



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