(WARNING: Spoilers inside. If you haven’t watched tonight’s episode of The Walking Dead, don’t continue reading).

I have a love-hate relationship with The Walking Dead.  I was a little late to the party, but pretty much fell in love with the show from the get-go.  Andrew Lincoln and his Rick character sealed the deal for me.

Over the seasons, the show has had some utter ridiculousness happen and I threatened to break up with them several times.  But I kept on, hoping they’d find their groove again–all the while loving these characters.  Well, adoring them actually.  I have never felt so strongly about a show’s characters.  It’s not my favorite show, for sure, but hands down, these are my people.

Two of my favorite characters were killed off in recent seasons, and–while I hated to see them go–(no, really, I cried)–it was done in a way that did them justice. So, while I was pissed and crying and WTFing–I made my peace with it.

My favorite character has always been Darryl.  Because Darryl.  But Glenn was a close second.  This season, Glenn has become my favorite.  I adore Michonne and Carol too.  Even Carl is growing on me.

So, tonight’s episode was not my favorite.  I was actually yelling at the television when I saw Glenn fall.  I hoped that Nicholas fell on him–but, as much as Glenn is a ninja rockstar–something tells me this was too much for even him.

I wasn’t sad.  I wasn’t bawling like the other two agonizing deaths…though Rick breaking down almost got me.  Nope.  I was pissed.  Like WTF?!!  Like this–REALLY?!!  We’re going to do it like this??!!

See…I knew Glenn was a goner.  He was just too good.  The whole thing about this world is how brutal it is and how the very best in all of us is a detriment to survival.  But I expected more.  I expected some heroic something.  Not being taken out because some pussy wuss decided to kill himself and took him with him.

But, in a way, despite my anger–it is kind of fitting–given the overall arc.  Glenn was the guy made vulnerable by other people’s weakness–because he gave a shit.  And that’s kind of the epitome of heroism in and of itself.  I swear to God, though–they better NOT make him a zombie.  I will yell.


I was watching Talking Dead afterward and one of the guests brought up a great point.  As we get to know these characters, we start to love them and the audience decides who can’t be killed off.  And eventually, if the writers are writing fantastic characters, the list gets long and the show stagnates.

The reality–as in life and in good television–life is short.  Things change.  People die.  And despite our hope that everyone we love will live forever, the world doesn’t give people brownie points for being good.  You are vulnerable or not–no matter how good you are.  It’s a tough lesson, but one we all kind of need.

After watching that scene, when Rick is in the RV and the wolves attack–I was reeling–convinced he was next.  Because, now, without Glenn–no one is safe.  Glenn was our generation’s Herschel–in a way–and his loss is a loss of innocence…a loss of the inherently good.

Man, it sucks.

I wonder what direction the show will go now.  I hope it inspires Rick to return to the goodness inside him and be a little less hardened.  I mean–I get it–but the dude I loved in season 1 feels so far away now.

But damnit–if you touch Darryl–I will fucking riot.


2 thoughts on “immortals

  1. This was a good summary of what happened last night to Glenn and maybe why he had to go. I agree that this is not the death I envisioned for Glenn though. I knew sooner or later we were going to lose him and I know this season had to see some character we all love, leave. But I agree that his death should have been so much more to it. Which makes me wonder what the next episode it going to entail. It is 90 minutes and in Talking Dead they stated we would get a wrap up to this story. I am hoping that, if he is really dead, that this 90 minute episode will give him the send off that he deserves.
    I will also join you in your riot if they dare kill of Daryl!!!

    • I’m hoping the next episode provides some closure. For me, there is a tiny ray of hope that maybe he managed to survive. But I just don’t think he’s getting out of that if he somehow did. I was so disappointed and angry about how it happened. But that could also be part of the overall story they’re trying to tell. That death is messy and unpredictable and sometimes unfinished. At the very least, I’m hoping the reactions of the rest of the group after they figure it out will help us all sort of honor this great character.

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