24 hours

Things learned/remembered in the last 24 hours:

-People suck, sometimes, and confirm all the bad things you suspect about them.

-My intuition is really always right. When I know something’s off, I need to be firm and believe that there is bullshit lurking somewhere.

-Second chances are great, sometimes, but mostly they usually end up illuminating why you made good choices to begin with.

-I’d rather be trusting than jaded. But, when people show me who they are, I will believe them and rid myself of toxic waste before it erodes my faith in humanity.

-Smartphones make it really easy to end contact with someone, even if they aren’t aware you’re doing it.

-Sometimes, you don’t need to say anything. You only owe yourself peace.

-The Universe gives me what I need, every time.

-Shitty people are good teachers, if nothing else.

-I can be grateful for almost anything.


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