1,286 miles

Welp. If you’ve had almost any kind of conversation with me over the last few months, chances are I’ve talked your ear off about our move to the Bay Area.

The wheels were set in motion in early spring when it became apparent that both my roommate and I were wanting some change in our work and in our home.  It became increasingly clear that Denver was just not it for us.  We had planned on moving to San Diego up until then, but then his employment out there fell through.  Opportunities kept pointing us to San Francisco, so we decided to take the plunge…excited but kind of terrified about how the Hell we’d make it work.  San Francisco is way more expensive than anywhere we’ve ever lived.

The only way to make it work? Him going out there right away and living in temporary housing while looking for something long-term.  Me holding down the fort out here, packing in the interim and taking care of the kitties–with him coming back every few weeks to help out.

Let’s just say it’s been kind of an adventure.  Not ideal.  Costly.  Hard.  Eye-opening.  New.

And it’s taken ridiculously long.  While his company did help with relo costs, it was a drop in the bucket.  It quickly became clear we would need a car–which took time and money to acquire.  And AirBnB, as great as it was–wasn’t ideal for more than a few weeks.  Not to mention all the normal life expenses and stuff like adjusting to new schedules/jobs.

It sounds like we may have found a suitable apartment.  It was a place a good friend I grew up with lived in for years before buying a house nearby.  It’s in a cool neighborhood in San Jose that is very much my kind of neighborhood.  It has everything we need and want.  Roomie checked it out today–loved it as much as I had, virtually.  It seems like a good fit.  But, of course, in the Bay Area, liking a place is just the beginning.  You have to get approved and then pay for it.

So, we’re applying.  Crossing our fingers, toes, and possibly eyes.  Hopefully, we get it.  Hopefully, we won’t have to give them our first born.  There are other options nearby that he’ll be checking out soon, too.

We had a good talk today about what our plan is going to be.  No guarantees–just a lot of hope.  We’ve been disappointed before.  You never know what will happen.  But a little closer to what’s taken us so long to get moving.  If we get it, he’ll move in right away and start modestly furnishing things (less to move…yay).  Since I have to be in Denver in December for jury duty (I mean…really?)…we are now planning on making the push in December or January.  We figure that will be a little easier in terms of saving up money, hiring movers (no one moves in December), and getting time off work without worrying about coverage.  Also my work is much less crazy in December.  And we can take time off in January if we’re exhausted.

We definitely didn’t want to be driving the cats out in the snow, in the middle of winter.  But life happens as it needs to.  Oddly, I’ve always seemed to move in January or February.  If we get this place, it may also mean I’ll be tweaking my school plans.  We’ll see.

In any case, it’s really exciting to see photos of what could be my bedroom.  I’m already envisioning all the cool things I could do with that room.  I can see us there–happy and not stepping on each other.

Good vibes appreciated.  Please send heaps of them.  🙂


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