blog challenge: ten songs I’m loving right now

One of the more annoying parts of my job?  I’m on the phone all day, most days, so my consumption of music is much lower than it used to be.  Couple that with working from home, and it’s even less.  Which is super sad because I *love* music.  Last night, while making my dinner (chicken gratin with baby greens & gruyere, roasted broccoli, and rosemary garlic potatoes–tyvm), I cranked up my boombox and danced around the apartment–joyous to have the night to myself.  The cats thought I was insane, pretty much.  It made me long for my horrendous commutes–days when music kept me going when everything else seemed off-kilter.

So, this list is filled with mostly old loves of mine.  Songs that I still adore years after discovering them.  Well, maybe there are a couple newer ones also.  In any case, feel free to dance around your living room and shake what your Mama gave ya.

Nathaniel Rateliff & the Night Sweats – I Just Want to Thank You

Nathaniel recently got some national play when he appeared on The Tonight Show a little while back.  If you’ve lived in Denver for any amount of time, and loved local music, you know all about his awesome work.  Honestly, no one deserves the success more than this awesome guy.  I found this Open Air video while watching another friend’s performance on this channel (I know a lot of talented people).

Covenhoven – Young at Heart 

I first saw Joel perform at a local bar where my friend was a talent booker.  He knew I liked certain types of music and gave me a heads-up.  I think it was a ploy to seduce me (it was a weird time in my life), but I remember just being taken by this music.  I told everyone I knew about this amazing musician.

Flashbulb Fires – Serious Way

I discovered this band, fairly randomly, via a friend of a friend.  Sadly, they disbanded a little while after.  Great music, nonetheless.

J. Thoven – Money to the Poor

Stepping away from Colorado (ha)…love his voice.  Love the happy vibe of this.

Phosphorescent – Nothing Was Stolen (Love Me Foolishly)

An old favorite.

Glen Hansard – Love Don’t Leave Me Waiting

Because Glen Hansard.

Wilco – War on War 

My favorite band, every other year.

Ben Gibbard – Carolina 

Well.  You know.

Del Amitri – Driving with the Brakes On

It just never gets old.

The Head & The Heart – Down In the Valley

I don’t think I’ve disliked any of their music. One of my all-time favorites.


❤ Happy week, y’all.


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