blog challenge – bullet points

Hope all of you had a great weekend.

I always find Monday to be particularly hard because I’m never quite ready to let go of my weekends.  So, I thought I’d write about something easy for today’s blog challenge entry: my day, so far.

Mondays are actually, usually, pretty easy days for me.  Except for the mountain of email that inevitably piles up over the weekend.  It’s the one work day where I have complete control.  No meetings, ever, because I hate Monday meetings. 🙂

Lately, I’ve been trying to use Mondays as a scheduling/sourcing day–a day to strategize the week…unless I’m really under the gun.  Today was unusual because the roomie is actually in town, for once, and I had a morning full of medical appointments.  So here’s a snapshot of my day so far.

6:20 am – Wake up.  (Earlier than normal).  Stumble into boxes.  Almost knock over water dish.  Run into trash can.  Turn on the wrong lights.

6:22 am – Grab cat bowls.  Balance them and make my way to the bathroom.
6:22-6:30 am – Wash out bowls.  Try not to get dried fishies on me.  Talk to kitties.  Try not to wake up roomie.  Put food in bowl and manage the feeding frenzy.
6:30-6:45 am Quick bath.  I did not wash my hair.
6:45 am – 7:00 am – Get dressed, brush teeth, put on makeup.  Try not to look homeless.
7:00 am – Login to work. Grimace at emails.  Pray no one pings me because GAWD.
7:00 am – 8:00 am – Send roomie medical info on Fogg’s problems.  Give him car keys and etc.  Comfort Fogg and stuff her in the carrier.  Say bye.
8:00 am – Fogg off to vet.
8:00 am – Get through email mountain.
9:30 am – Run to car.  Dial in to kickoff call for major project.
9:35 am – Roomie grabs Starbucks while I am on call.  Make our way over to Highlands.
10:00 am – Call ends.  Continue traversing horrifying road construction.  Thanks, New Denver.  *eyeroll*
10:00-10:20 am – Circle block repeatedly trying to find parking.  Leave roomie to park in alley and then move car.
10:30 am – Check in at Dr’s office.  Update insurance.  Play with doctor’s little boy.  (We made a house).  Watch TV (corpse flower, ftw).  Talk to dr’s mom (the receptionist).  Talk to patient with appointment before mine.
10:55 am – Dr’s early.  Takes me back.  We talk cute glasses and dresses.  Lung check, BP/HR check, questions about many things.  I’ve lost weight.  I feel good.  Life is grand.  Lab slips.  Hug goodbye.
11:20 am – Take photos of flowers.  Squint in sun.
11:22 am – Leave Highlands for Quest.
11:53 am – Say hi to cute old man working security.  Sign in at lab.
11:56 am – 8 vials of blood!
12:01 pm – Did not pass out.  Now urine!
12:05 pm – Panera for soup.
12:35 pm – Home.  Fogg greets me, crying.
12:36 pm – Hug Fogg.
12:37 pm – Back to work.  (no one missed me).
12:37-3:30 pm – Sourcing, emailing, and etc.
3:30 pm -4 pm – Training for this morning’s project.
4 pm -6 pm – Sourcing, emailing, and etc.
6 pm – Bye roomie! See ya in three weeks!  Feed kitties.
6:15-7:15 pm Work some more.  Wash face.
7:15 pm-9:00 pm Maybe eat.  Or nap.  Probably nap.
9:00 pm Medicine.  TV.  Water refills.
10:00 pm Wash face/brush teeth.  Hug kitties.  Watch things.  Read things.  Call people.
1-3 am – Go to bed.


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