blog challenge: 30 facts about me

I stumbled across this blog challenge the other day, and I decided it might be a good way to get back into writing on the daily.  I’m not much for rules these days, so I’m just going to pick one each day that doesn’t feel like work. 🙂

  1. I was named after my paternal grandmother.  My middle name is also my Mama’s middle name.  My initials spell out AIM.  (I used to hate my name so much).
  2. I have many scars. One on my right index finger from when I almost sliced it off.  A small scar on the right side of my nose. A scar at the base of my scalp.  One on my hip.  One on my big toe, right side.  One just above my belly button (the biggest one).  One underneath my breasts, mid-chest.  And two on the right side of my abdomen.  (My right side is pretty unlucky, eh?).
  3. I am moving to the Bay Area soon.  (As soon as my roommate can find a suitable apartment.  He’s been out there since the end of April).  It’ll likely be somewhere in the Peninsula.  I’m leaning toward Santa Clara and San Jose, but I’d love to live in the city or Berkeley someday.
  4. I don’t drink often, if at all these days (due to post-gall bladder loveliness).  However, I do enjoy a nice Pimm’s Cup or a gin & tonic.
  5. I’m very much into alternative medicine these days.  I regularly see a rolfer.  I am planning to start seeing an acupuncturist again once I move.  Chinese medicine and homeopathy is groovy.  I want to see an integrative doc, too.  I’m fascinated my Ayurveda.  But I also have a family doctor and see a few specialists.  I believe health is a team sport.
  6. I started a new job back in late April after working for the same company (mostly) for four years.  I love my company and my team.  I was asked to be a corporate blogger and diversity trainer today.  So, I’m pretty happy to use one of my degrees and share my passion for my work with others.
  7. I really want a dog.  An Australian Shepard, wolfhound, and a black lab.  Okay–so I want all the animals.  My three kitty loves would probably object–loudly.
  8. I’m pursuing a career in macro social work.  I’m going to go to art therapy school once I’m in the Bay Area.  From there, it’s on to a PhD in Social Work.  I basically want to be the Brene Brown of grief.  And a bunch of other things.
  9. I’m a tea fanatic.  I bought five boxes today.  It’s a problem.
  10. I am just barely far-sighted, but I own like seven pairs of glasses that I barely wear.  I only really need them when I’m on the computer or reading.
  11. I have an obsessively large music, movie, and e-book library.  The e-book thing surprises people who know me.  I still dig the real thing, but electronic versions of things allow me to get all the books.  They’re cheaper and easier to store.
  12. At the end of a long, hard day–every single day–I wash my face.  I’ve invested in these amazing washcloths and these fantastic skin products to make it so luxurious.  It helps me feel human and draw a line in the sand between business me and just Alma.
  13. I love to make things.  I have all these essential oils I’m going to make into lotions and chakra scents and etc etc.  I have fabric to refurbish furniture and make curtains.  I love creating.  I get it from my Daddy.
  14. My favorite herb is sage.  It must be fresh.
  15. I don’t eat breakfast that often.  I’ve tried so often, but I’m rarely hungry before 10–and sometimes it actually makes me feel ill.  I do love to cook big breakfasts on the weekends.  Especially breakfast tacos with homemade salsas.
  16. I’m notorious for taking photos of the butts of various forms of wildlife.
  17. When I die, Rodrigo y Gabriela will likely be playing.
  18. I’ve literally almost died 5-6 times in the last 5 years.  4 of those incidents were car related.  Each time, I somehow dodged that bullet.
  19. My favorite pie is this cherry pie from Colorado Cherry Company in Lyons.  I once drove all the way to Estes just to get one.  I don’t even like cherry pies.
  20. I cannot do even one chin-up, but I can do push-ups all day long.
  21. After two surgeries in two years, I am completely comfortable with my body.  I am also a lot less of a germaphobe.
  22. I hate to drive on two way highways that don’t have dividers, and I’m not a fan of multi-lane ones either (I’m looking at you I-25).
  23. Greek food makes me annoyingly happy.  I make all the noises when I eat it.
  24. I have about 10 gazillion photos that I need to go through and edit from the last 10 years or so.  It takes me about 20 minutes of editing per photo, so that’s going to be a long process!
  25. I love water.  Baths, rain, oceans, lakes.  You name it.
  26. I own two hula hoops.
  27. My hands, feet, and nose are always freezing cold–but I tend to be warm all the time.
  28. When I buy new shampoo scents, I immediately run home and wash my hair.
  29. I am a gourmet honey freak.  I will eat it with a spoon like it’s frosting.
  30. I’ve loved veggies and fruits ever since I was little.  I never had to be bribed to eat anything.  But, man, I hate beets.

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