This weekend, I vowed to be lazy and not do too much.  I’ve been running on empty and felt myself slowly burning out, so I needed to recharge in the worst way.  Of course, best laid plans and all that.  Life was just conspiring against me if (what is now) funny ways.

I did manage to to finally (!) watch a movie I’ve been wanting to watch for a long time: Begin Again.  I’m a huge fan of Mark Ruffalo and Keira Knightley.  I remember watching the trailer when it first came out, and being blown away by Knightley’s voice.  This girl can sing.  The whole thing just had a very Once vibe to it.  I’m not really a fan of musicals.  But I did adore Once.  When I saw that the same people did this, I was hard-core sold.

But that little trickster–life–was conspiring against me back then too.  And my time to watch movies was non-existent.  The best I could do was watch half-hour comedies before passing out, most nights.

It’s funny how your life kinda gives you things you need, when you need them.  I was just talking about reconnecting with people the other day and just lamenting how I never write lately–not really–and how starved I am for a creative outlet.  I simultaneously actually miss being social and miss creating something that isn’t for work or school.

This movie reminded me of that again.

It’s just joy.  It’s a movie about being rejected and being left behind.  About your life tailspinning around you.  But also about pouring everything you’ve got into something beautiful and the connections that can be made from that.  I especially loved the scenes with Knightley and Ruffalo walking down the streets of New York, listening to songs together.

This movie is such a celebration of music and how it heals.  And of those friendships we find when we don’t expect anything.  It was just such a treat, and the music was fantastic.

This time in my life feels a lot like putting the past to bed and waking up to something new–completely mine.  I get to choose what stays and what goes.  I need that joy of creation again.  I need those outlets and those friends to sing with.  I’m not sure how this will materialize in my life.  I have some ideas, but I guess the baby step version is to just start playing.


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