adventures in introvert’s paradise

I’ve been home sick for the last few days, working here and there in between days off that I didn’t expect (and didn’t plan on), and getting ready to finally get rid of that pesky thesis.  Alone, mostly, because the roomie is back East.  I’ve also not been sleeping because the neighbor’s dog has been barking for three days straight.  Let’s just say I’m a little punchy and restless right now.  It’s also been really cold, finally, after one of the mildest winters ever.  I was still not wearing a coat to appointments, so the change has been pretty rude.

It’s kind of been a strange few days because of all of that.  I’ve been playing a lot of Trivia Crack.  Most of my losses occur after 2 am.  I’ve also been talking a lot to cats.  I’ve been avoiding people, too (heh…nothing new!).  And watching shows about murders interspersed with sappy romantic comedies and period dramas.  (I saw Jane Eyre and literally swooned).

It’s been quite a while.  I forgot how satisfying it is to just be a girl and swoon at the heartache of it all and then cry big sap tears when it’s all fixed and beautiful.

After an unexpected after-work nap, I decided to put on pants and go get the mail.  New insurance cards are coming, after all, so that will be exciting.  The idea of putting on pants, fixing my hair, and maybe putting on makeup pained me.  My hair was doing this weird pushed in-lopsided thing from sleeping on wet hair.  (Yes, my hair was still wet from this morning’s bath).  And when my hair is short, when it goes rogue, few things can convince it to be a good little mouse.  So, I decided I’d wear a bright pink hat.  I couldn’t find any pants, so I threw a dress over my head.  Both things made me look extremely pale–especially because of being a sick person for weeks.  I thought about putting makeup on.  I live in a building full of judgmental old ladies, sweet old men, hot boys with dogs, and weirdo grad students.  I usually bump into a few on the way down to the lobby.  I decided to be a rebel and embrace my Casper.  I also decided to buy chocolate from the gym vending machine since mine went stale (the Hell!).

I got down there, and there was barely any mail at all.  And the vending machine had zero chocolate I wanted to consume.  So–I decided to just walk down to Colfax and get dinner.  It was almost nine.  I went to Chipotle–which I always forget is there.  It was stupid cold, and I didn’t have a coat–of course–but I did have my hat.  And my cheeks matched!  Coordinated.

All I kept thinking was–I put on pants for this?!  Seriously.

It was good to get out and be really cold.  I lingered a bit before power walking home and collapsing in a breathless heap on my bed–Fogg looking at me like I’ve lost my mind.

Being an adult is hard.


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