the lineup

I love autumn.  No secret there.

Apparently, though, as a grad student, I’ve gotten this reputation for being a reader.  And I AM, but grad school isn’t really helpful for reading things I enjoy.  I try–I really do–but the energy it takes to read is way more than the energy it takes to spud out under the blankies with Netflix and Hulu.

One of the things I most look forward to is the fall premieres of old favorites and the new shows that come up.  I try to watch all the new shows (unless they look ridiculously bad).  This season isn’t any exception.  So, I thought I’d chime in with my thoughts about the ones I’ve caught.

Spoilers ahead, yo.


Mulaney – I really miss great comedies.  I watch a lot of British comedies (obscure ones, at that), but American comedy is usually boring and just not funny.  I had high hopes for Mulaney, but it was immediately apparent this was a Seinfeld rip-off.  Really, Jerry should sue.  It’s that blatant.  And it’s TERRIBLE.  Like I didn’t even laugh once.  I wanted to gouge out my eyes.  I hope it dies a swift (though, undoubtedly, painful) death.  Just UGH.

Madam Secretary – I love Tim Daly and Tea Leoni.  This show reminds me a lot of The West Wing–which is high praise considering how much I loved that show.  I dig it.  The one thing that I don’t love is how much they focus on Leoni’s domestic situation.  I don’t feel like a male character would be portrayed this way, and while it does make for a more layered character, it annoys me.  But, for the most part, it’s well-written with great acting.  Good stuff.

Awkward. – Yes.  I know.  I was as surprised as anyone to discover I loved this show when it first premiered a while back.  And it’s been a rough ride.  Last season sucked so hard.  But this season is a bit less annoying.  Jenna still grates on my nerves, but there’s less gimmicky crap to contend with and more character-driven plots to feel good about.  It’s not classic tv, folks, but it is a good time that’s worth watching in your PJs with some popcorn.

Faking It – I’m trying to stick with this show, mostly because I didn’t hate last season (didn’t love it either).  But I’m starting to get bored and exasperated by the idiocy of these characters and plots.

Black-ish – I want to like this show.  I do.  I like the actors, and the idea is a good one.  But it’s just not funny, most of the time.

Scandal – I’m a huge fan of this show (#teamjake), but I don’t feel as good about it this season.  While I get that last season did a bunch of damage, I really don’t want to watch the angst and infighting between gladiators.  I want to get on with it.  I want Olivia to come barreling through, uniting everyone to take down Command and build a better world.  Call me an optimist.  I want some romance and heroism–not the yawn fest of senators manipulating whatever the hell they want.  I want broken ugly wailing.  I do love Bellamy Young this season (which is rare because I usually find her a bit grating).  I feel like something’s missing this season.  What this show does best is illuminate how there is not good or evil…how the lines overlap and how life isn’t simple.  We haven’t seen much of that this season, so far.

Selfie – I had such high hopes for this show.  I LOVE the leads and I love the idea…a play on My Fair Lady.  But it’s just not good.  Not charming.  Meh.

Manhattan Love Story – I’ve been looking forward to this one for a while.  I adore Analeigh–ever since her appearance on Next Top Model–and even followed her on Twitter for a bit.  She was quirky and interesting.  I was hoping her real personality would carry through.  I’m a sucker for a romantic comedy, so this was an easy sell for me.  Alas–I hate the male characters.  I hate the sister.  I hate all of it–especially the sharing of thoughts.  No chemistry here.  Not believable.  Abort. SIGH.

A to Z – I’m not sure about this one.  I enjoy the characters.  A lot.  But it seems like it’s running out of steam.

Bad Judge – I only watched this because I love the lead actress.  But she’s been stumbling into terrible roles for a while now.  I found some redeeming qualities here, but mostly, I fell asleep.

This is Life with Lisa Ling – Basically, this show is the same as Our America–the show Lisa just wrapped on OWN.  Not sure why they renamed it, but I’m betting it’s a CNN thing–sorta like when Bourdain moved his show.  It’s a good show, and Ling is a great journalist.  But I feel like she covers the same stuff over and over again.

Homeland – Probably my most anticipated show…and my favorite show in recent years.  It’s not as good as it was.  I miss Brody.  Like literally–I’ll say to myself–“Brody would make this situation awesome.”  Carrie continues to be a bit batshit.  I’m annoyed that Saul is such a minor character right now, since he’s my favorite.  For me, Quinn is pretty much the best thing about this show right now.  I adore him so much.

Cristela – I was expecting pretty much nothing.  But this was good.  Like actually good.  Cristela manages to do the impossible–be actually funny while saying really subversive things about White America.  I don’t think many people caught the pretty edgy joke in the premiere, but I actually gasped and cheered after I caught my breath.  How the Hell did that get through the censors?  While there are plenty of stereotypes in this show, they are necessary and ultimately make the show even better.  It crosses boundaries and shows a part of America that television networks usually ignore.

The Flash – Loved it.  Adored it.  More, please.

The Walking Dead – 1. Carol is a badass.  2. I’m so happy Judith didn’t die.  3. Zombies can be helpful, sometimes. 4. I’m with Conan.  Die, cannibal asshole, die.

(Please bring back our resident badasses: Darryl, Michonne, and Glenn.  Their performances were lackluster in the premiere.  And, while I enjoy He-Man Rick, I need more Darryl in my life).

Peace & Love,



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