oh, hi

So, I’ve kinda been bad about checking in here lately.  Not because I lack things to say, really.  I just sort of lack the desire to say them publicly, at times.  Which means you didn’t get to read my thoughts on various controversies lately.  I wrote them, but they’re tucked away somewhere only I know.  In the end, I question the utility of talking online especially when it comes to things like this.

It’s been a bit of  a trippy few days.  I finished up my last class and somehow kicked its ass.  I decided to put off my last-last class until October–for another interesting reason.  Work has been amazingly busy, and I’ve been trying very hard to usher change in–with little success and lots of aggravation.

Other things have been going better.  Today, I made another change that I think will benefit me, but it too will require patience and time.

So that’s pretty much why I’ve been scarce.  It will, hopefully, get better.

And oh, yea: surgery!  This Tuesday morning.  If you’re a praying sort, prayers and happiness on high is appreciated.  If you’re not a religious sort, good vibes are appreciated.  Or you can send ice cream.  I’m alright with that, too.

I’m a little nervous (Google can be evil), but I’m hoping this will significantly help me feel better and move me in a stronger direction.  The associated tests and risks terrify me, but I’ve made it out alive before.  Knowing is always better than not knowing, and I trust my doctor to do a great job.  Unfortunately, it’ll likely be a while after the surgery before I can celebrate–even if I manage to avoid organ harpooning–so I might be a bit anxious for a while.

I get almost a week off out of the deal, so I’m sure some photos of our recent trip to Mount Evans will land here as soon as I’m not in dire pain.  If there’s dire pain.  Which there may not be.  At worst, I might be uncomfortable for a couple days.  And I’m not supposed to lift things or stress out about things.

My job for the next few days is to guzzle water and not think about my tricky airway.

It’ll be okay–even if it’s different than what I hope it’ll be.  It always is.

Happy Labor Day to all.  Hope you’re beachside or adventuring or sleeping in.  And if I don’t get to catch you up next week, for whatever reason, it’s been interesting.  Thanks for making this place a soft place to land.

Better and bigger things to come. Fingers crossed.


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